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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992After leaving the home : a study into the after effects of residential careScolaro, Anne E. (1992)
1999The aggressive child : early intervention in primary schoolsDalli, Carmen (1999)
2017Care-work practices with children in residential care in Malta : a mixed-methods surveyGrech, Elaine
2001Caring for other people's children : fostering and its implicationsBonello, Rita (2001)
1995The changing image of fatherhoodDelicata, Carmen (1995)
1999Child day care as social interventionScicluna, Stephania (1999)
1999Children of alcoholics : a social work perspectiveSacco, Stefania (1999)
1995Children of battered wives : the after-effects on children who witnessed the battering of their mothers by their husbandsBuhagiar, Josephine (1995)
2006Children of glass or steel : a study on resiliency in children of alcoholicsVella, Rhian (2006)
1993Client self-determination vs. house policy in residential careFarrugia, Maria Antonia (1993)
2005The dilemma : an analytic and comparative study on social work practice regarding contact between children in residential settings and their parentsScerri, Charles (2005)
2004Domestic disturbance : how witnessing domestic violence affects childrenGafa, Jenny Lynn (2004)
2002Double trouble : Maltese social workers' perspective on the abused disabled childSuarez, Holger
1994Effectiveness of respite care services : a literature reviewGalea-Curmi, Agnes C. (1994)
1999The effects of bullying on school childrenGalea, Maria (1999)
1997Emotional abuse on children in cases of marital separationStensen, Josephine (1997)
2016An exploration of social workers’ decision-making processes to remove children from parental careZerafa, Daniella
1999The factors which impinge negatively on the effectiveness of educational social workersSaid, Victoria (1999)
1998Family involvement in educational social workTabone, Mandy (1998)
2005Foster care : a new hope for children experiencing a difficult childhood : a social work perspectivePortelli, Alexia (2005)