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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Air pollution effects on crops in Malta : a case study on Solanum tuberosumCallus, Joseph M. (2000)
2000Boron : an agro-environmental concernCamilleri, Ray (2000)
2020Chapter 1 : the geology, soils and present-day environment of Gozo and MaltaChatzimpaloglou, Petros; Schembri, Patrick J.; French, Charles; Ruffell, Alastair; Stoddart, Simon
1999Effect of potassium fertilisers on crops grown on saline soilsGrech, Melanie (1999)
2016Geochemical survey in solution subsidence structures (dolines) : examples from the Maltese islandsBirhane, Mekonen
2001In-Natura : issue 18 : 2001Fondazzjoni Natura
2019Investigating ammonification and nitrification rates in soil from the Maltese IslandsZahra, Neil
2017Nisget Artna n.13 - Rebbiega 2017Cauchi, Claire
2020Nisġet Artna n. 23 - Ħarifa 2020Cauchi, Claire; Malta. Ministry for Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Animal Rights. Rural Affairs Department
2019Perfluoroalkyl substances in the Maltese environment – (II) sediments, soils and groundwaterSammut, Godwin; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Sapiano, Manuel; Helmus, Rick; De Voogt, Pim W. P.
1965The scenery of MaltaBarrington, Leo
2017Soil quality change in the Maltese Islands a 10-year assessment (2003 to 2013)Sultana, Daniel
2016A study on Bidni olive trees to determine management practices and environmental conditionsAgius, Sarah
1999A study on the selenium content of local soil and fodder in relation to the selenium content of cow's bloodCauchi, Gilbert (1999)
2003The water holding capacity in Maltese soilsGalea, Kevin (2003)