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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The aesthetics of time in architectureBugeja, Daphne (2013)
2019Audience interactivity and exploration of abandoned architecture through the use of traditional and digital media platformsFenech, Maria
2016Being in time : a practical visualisation of subjective perception and experience of time and memory within three-dimensional spaceMallia, Samwel
2022Black holes in scalar tensor gravityGerman, Ethan James (2022)
2017Cosmological reconstructed solutions in extended teleparallel gravity theories with a teleparallel Gauss-Bonnet termde la Cruz-Dombriz, Alvaro; Farrugia, Gabriel; Said, Jackson; Sáez-Chillón Gómez, Diego
2014Dwelling in a creative endeavourMicallef, Bernard
2016The elegant aftermath of an existential crisisMifsud, Ylenia
2010Fast stable STAP algorithms based on feedback orthogonalizationKhlebnikov, Vasily A.; Zarb Adami, Kristian
2015A historical interpretation of religious architecture in baroque VallettaMifsud, Christian
2016-04‘It was, we felt, their country’ : childhood elsewhere in Mordecai Richler’s The StreetLeo, Rocco de
2015Kinetic art and timeZerafa, Jean Marc
2019A multifaceted discourse on the relationship between architecture and timeStivala, Michael Robert (2019)
2010Particle dynamics in the Kerr-Newman spacetimeSaid, Jackson (2010)
2020The sea is a foreign country : the temporal cosmos of a Maltese fishing vesselDebono, Nikolai
2022Things and their distanceSotirov, Borislav (2022)
2018-12Thinking the moment of the originary : memory and the paradoxes of re-turningSaha, Subro