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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Atmospheric pollution and economic development in small states : the role of governanceCamilleri, Jessica
2018Autonomy plus : the policy challenges and opportunities faced by subnational (mainly island) jurisdictionsBaldacchino, Godfrey
1989Basic criteria for estimating the viability of small island statesDoumenge, Francois
2018-05Bicameralism, small states styleAnckar, Dag
2021-05Book review : A theory of dysfunctionality : the European microstates as dysfunctional states in the international systemBaldacchino, Godfrey
2023-05Book review : Country size and public administrationSarapuu, Külli
2018-11Book review : Democracy in small states : persisting against all oddsThorhallsson, Baldur; Rodrigues Sanches, Edalina; Baldacchino, Godfrey
2021-05Book review : Eine governance-theorie des kleinstaatsVeenendaal, Wouter
2021-11Book review : Handbook on the politics of small states [Dookeran]Dookeran, Winston
2021-11Book review : Handbook on the politics of small states [Jugl]Jugl, Marlene
2018-05Book Review : Inward yearnings : Jamaica’s journey to nationhoodGray, Obika
2022-05Book review : Micronations and the search for sovereigntyCorbett, Jack
2022-11Book review : Overcoming smallness : challenges and opportunities for small states in global affairsParker, Tyler B.
2018-05Book Review : Pacific ways : Government and politics in the Pacific Islands (2nd ed.)Newton Cain, Tess
2019Book review : Singapore and Switzerland : Secrets to small state successDumieński, Zbigniew
2019-05Book review : Small states and EU governance : Malta in EU decision-making processesBriffa, Hillary
2018-05Book Review : The people have spoken : the 2014 elections in FijiKumar, Avinash
2022-03Brexit and Malta's coping strategies : diverging sheltersHarwood, Mark
1992A capacity for policy management : re-appraising the context in micro-statesWarrington, Edward
2021-11Climate change, governance and economic growth : the case of small island developing statesTandrayen-Ragoobur, Verena; Fauzel, Sheereen