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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The biology of Clara cells - review paperBlundell, Renald
2006The biology of small airway epitheliumBlundell, Renald
2023CD133 as biomarker and therapeutic target in gynecologic malignanciesDi Fiore, Riccardo; Suleiman, Sherif; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2015CGK733-induced LC3 II formation is positively associated with the expression of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21Waf1/Cip1 through modulation of the AMPK and PERK/CHOP signaling pathwaysWang, Yufeng; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro; Baron, Byron; Kitagawa, Takao; Tokuda, Kazuhiro; Akada, Junko; Nakamura, Kazuyuki
2016Changes in metabolic proteins in ex vivo rat retina during glutamate-induced neural progenitor cell inductionTokuda, Kazuhiro; Kuramitsu, Yasuhiro; Baron, Byron; Kitagawa, Takao; Tokuda, Nobuko; Kobayashi, Masaaki; Kimura, Kazuhiro; Sonoda, Koh-Hei; Nakamura, Kazuyuki
2016CM1106 STEMCHEM : chemical approaches to targeting drug resistance cancer stem cellsSchembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Cassar, Analisse; Blaire Theuma, Krystle; Stipourou, Iona; Passarella, Daniele; Suleiman, Sherif; Micallef, Neville
2013Collection, processing and testing of bone, corneas, umbilical cord blood and haematopoietic stem cells by European Blood Alliance membersNarhi, M.; Natri, O.; Desbois, I.; Kinggaard Holm, D.; Galea, George; Aranko, K.; Korhonen, M.; Nordstrom, K.
2008The cutting edge in stem cell medical applicationsAgius, Claire Marie; Blundell, Renald
2010-07The Dental Probe : issue 35 : July 10Muscat, David
2019DNA spacewalkBorg, Joseph J.
2011DNA, celloli staminali u kura b’mod naturaliBlundell, Renald
2014Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) : its theranostic role in cancer progression and metastasisGrech, Alfred; Baldacchino, Alexandra
2007Ethical and political debate on the funding of embryonic stem cell research under the 7th framework programmeRosso, Alia Bitar (2007)
2009The ethical debate on the importation of human embryonic cells in GermanyGrech, Natalie (2009)
2010Id-diabeteBlundell, Renald
2021Investigating the potential of novel chemicals to expand and proliferate stem cells derived from perinatal derivativesBonnici, Lian (2021)
2010L-uzu tal-istem cellsBlundell, Renald
2008The link between stem cells and neoplasiaGamoudi, Nadia; Blundell, Renald
2008Medical applications of stem cell technology in diseases of blood and the circulatory systemAgius, Claire Marie; Blundell, Renald
2018MiRNA influences in mesenchymal stem cell commitment to neuroblast lineage developmentZammit, Vanessa; Brincat, Mark R.; Cassar, Viktor; Muscat Baron, Yves; Ayers, Duncan; Baron, Byron