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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The biology of Clara cells - review paperBlundell, Renald
2016-07CM1106 STEMCHEM : chemical approaches to targeting drug resistance cancer stem cellsSchembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Cassar, Analisse; Blaire Theuma, Krystle; Stipourou, Iona; Passarella, Daniele; Suleiman, Sherif; Micallef, Neville
2008The cutting edge in stem cell medical applicationsAgius, Claire Marie; Blundell, Renald
2010-07The Dental Probe : issue 35 : July 10Muscat, David
2019DNA spacewalkBorg, Joseph
2014Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) : its theranostic role in cancer progression and metastasisGrech, Alfred; Baldacchino, Alexandra
2008The link between stem cells and neoplasiaGamoudi, Nadia; Blundell, Renald
2008Medical applications of stem cell technology in diseases of blood and the circulatory systemAgius, Claire Marie; Blundell, Renald
2015Neurodegenerative diseases and stem cell transplantationBlundell, Renald; Shah, Munrih
2017Optimization of a flow cytometric method to confirm the differentiation of HL-60 cell lines by candidate chemicals as indicated by screening testsCamilleri, Roberta
2019STEM ambassadors thrashing stereotypesDuca, Edward; Camilleri, Cassi
2016Stem cells : daddy or chips? - an up-to-date review on ground-breaking discoveries in stem cell research, with special attention to iPSC applications in osteoarthritisPace, Pierre Luc; Blundell, Renald
2007Stem cells in perspectiveGamoudi, Nadia; Blundell, Renald
2016The use of umbilical stem cellsCassar, Peter; Blundell, Renald
2007What are stem cells? - review paperAgius, Claire Marie; Blundell, Renald
2008Xjenza madwarna 1 : programs 1-18Bugeja, Christopher