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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003The aftermath of privatisation : the financial and stock market performance of HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c.Bezzina, Elizabeth J. (2003)
2015Analysing the effect of the financial crisis on emerging markets : a comparative analysis of the before and after stock market situationCaruana, Luca
2006An analysis of stock index distributions of selected emerging marketsCamilleri, Silvio John
2000Assessing global investing risk : a multicriteria preference disaggregation approachDoumpos, Michalis; Zopounidis, Constantin D.; Zanakis, Stelios H.
2021An assessment of stock market overreactionFalzon, Joseph (2021)
2021The association between financial news sentiment and cryptocurrency price movementsFarrugia, Neil (2021)
2014Complex adaptive systemsSammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2015Cross-listing and its implicationsAzzopardi, Julia
2021Default risk of listed companies in the context of the threat to commodity markets in the times of COVID-19 pandemicSzturo, Marek; Włodarczyk, Bogdan; Szydłowski, Konrad; Wojtowicz, Karol; Pieńkowska-Kamieniecka, Sylwia; Miciuła, Ireneusz
2009The diversification potential offered by emerging markets in recent yearsCamilleri, Silvio John; Galea, Gabriella
2015Do call auctions curtail price volatility? Evidence from the National Stock Exchange of IndiaCamilleri, Silvio John
2021The drastic price fluctuations in the U.S. securities market during the great recession vis-à-vis the coronavirus pandemicCassar, Kelsey (2021)
2021The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on securities markets : an event study approachGrech, Francesca (2021)
2009The effects of the increasing oil price returns and its volatility on four emerged stock marketsLake, Andreas Ektor; Katrakilidis, Constantinos P.
2015Efficiency in stock markets with DEA : evidence from PSI20Ferreira, Nuno; Mendonça Souza, Adriano
2018An empirical analysis of the determinants of equity market liquidityGalea, Francelle
2021Enhancing stock price prediction models by using concept drift detectorsSammut, Charlton (2021)
2000European economic integration in the context of globalizationMerikas, Andreas G.
2020Examining the excess cash holdings as an indicator of agency problemsHendrawaty, Ernie
2002The failure of ARIMA models on stock-market behaviourSuda, David Paul (2002)