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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Audit delay and its implication for fraudulent financial reporting : a study of companies listed in the Indonesian stock exchangeSuryanto, Tulus
2017The capital structure : is debt just a policy or requerement?Pontoh, Winston
2017Commodity prices, exchange rates and investment on firm’s value mediated by business risk : a case from Indonesian stock exchangeRisman, Asep; Salim, Ubud; Sumiati, Sumiati; Indrawati, Nur Khusniyah
2018Company’s efficiency and its impact on performance : a study on state owned non-financial company listed on Indonesian Stock ExchangeKurniasih, Augustina; Heliantono
2017Consequences of going concern opinion for firms and capital market with accounting firm size as moderation variableHapsoro, Dody
2018Corporate governance and HRM practice on consumption product sector listed in Indonesia stock exchangePriagung Hutomo, Prihatin Tiyanto; Sri Pudjiarti, Emiliana
2020Corporate social responsibility and factors affecting it : an empirical evidence from the Indonesian capital marketBudianto, Roni; Suyono, Eko
2018Corporate social responsibility on SKI KEHATI index corporate performance : a case studyWahyudi, S.; Pangestuti, I. R. D.; Laksana, Rio Dhani; Hersugondo; Robiyanto
2020-01Determinant of price earning ratio in the property and real estate company : case study listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange 2011-2018Aribawa, Aang; Sutrisno, Budi; Swasito, Adhipradana Prabu
2017The determinants of going concern audit opinion (an empirical study on non-bank financial institutions listed in Indonesian stock exchange 2008-2014)Farhana, Intan; Rahmawaty; Basri, Hasan
2015Developing financial distress prediction model for companies going public : accounting, macroeconomic, market, and industry approachesNilmawati; Satoto, Shinta Heru
2018Do efficiency of taxes, profitability and size of companies affect debt? A study of companies listed in the Indonesian stock exchangeWaluyo, Waluyo
2018Does value creation drive growth illusion? An evidence from Indonesia stock exchangeWibowo, Agus Satrya; Ghozali, Imam
2017Economic and consumption distribution and business strategy toward improvement of agricultural industrySrinita
2020-01The effect of audit quality on firm value : a case in Indonesian manufacturing firmWijaya, Anggita Langgeng
2018The effect of audit tenure and firm size on financial reporting delaysYuliastuty, Rina; Situanti, Asmara; Situanti, Rini
2017The effect of capital adequacy ratio, net interest margin and non-performing loans on bank profitability : the case of IndonesiaSilaban, Pasaman
2017The effect of financial leverage, employee stock ownership program and firm size on firm performance of companies listed in Indonesia Stock ExchangeBangun, Nurainun; Kurniawan Tjakrawala, F. X.; Andani, Kurniati W.; Santioso, Linda
2023The effect of firm financial performance, free cash flow and cash holding on overinvestmentKhair, Wildan; Diantimala, Yossi; Yusmita, Fifi
2020-10The effect of intellectual capital on price to book value with good corporate governance as a moderating variableMardhiana, Made Dwi