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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006An analysis of stock index distributions of selected emerging marketsCamilleri, Silvio John
1975Company shares and their transferPullicino, Paul
2012Cooperation on stocks recoverFilipe, José António; Ferreira, Manuel Alberto M.; Coelho, Manuel; Pedro, Maria Isabel
2004Corporate reputation : a study among shareholders of MaltacomCohen, Charlene (2004)
2021Deep reinforcement learning for financial portfolio optimisationCuchieri, Nigel (2021)
1989The EEC directives regarding stock exchange requirements : their impact on the local business environmentCutajar, Walter C. (1989)
2006The effect of perceived performance risk and brand trust on the intention to purchase bank shares : assessing the brand personality of two bank brandsMifsud, Conrad Philip (2006); Magrin, Marguerite (2006)
2015Examining firms quoted in Borsa Istanbul IT index via ratio analysisYaghi, Hatem; Kanbur, Yakup
2001Financing capital projects in the Maltese markets : an analysis of the current situation and recent trendsDelia, Maria (2001)
2014Forecasting the direction of BIST 100 returns with artificial neural network modelsBilgin Kılıç, Süleyman; Paksoy, Semin; Genç, Tolga
2020The impact of a stock split and the economic value added on stock returnGrima, Simon; Surtikanti, Surtikanti; Anggadini, Sri Dewi
2020The impact of supply disruption on the standing order system in the FMCG supply chainKulinska, E.; Giera, J.; Kolchanov, A.
2021Investigating the use of reinforcement learning in automated test case generationFormosa, Matthew (2021)
2021Is trading on earnings surprises a profitable strategy? : evidence from the S&P 500 stock indexEllul Sullivan, Eric Anthony (2021)
2021The role of gold in an investment portfolioMifsud, Andrew (2021)
2018Sensitivity analysis of asset allocation : in the presence of correlationMadadpour, Somayeh; Hanafizadeh, Payam; Habibi, Reza
2012The transfer and transmission of shares in limited liability companiesSchembri, Ilona