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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Accounting information and share prices in the food and beverage, and conglomerate sub-sectors of the Nigerian stock exchangeEriabie, Sylvester; Egbide, Ben-Caleb
2017Analysing the implications of algorithmic high frequency trading on the bid-ask spread in commodity marketsCutajar, Christopher
2009An analysis of the diversification benefits of selected investment strategies in the Eurozone stocksSchembri, Malcolm (2009)
2021An assessment of stock market overreactionFalzon, Joseph (2021)
2016Automatic prediction of stock price direction based on multivariate time series and machine learningBaldacchino, Charlot
2019Capital structure and firm size on firm value moderated by profitabilityHirdinis, M.
2020Causality between exchange rate and stock prices : evidence from ASEAN-5 countriesReza, Faizal; Ruliana, Titin; Nazarudin Latif, Imam; Nurqamarani, Adisthy Shabrina
2017Consequences of going concern opinion for firms and capital market with accounting firm size as moderation variableHapsoro, Dody
2020Direct and mediated associations among audit quality, earnings quality, and share price : the case of JordanAbu Afifa, Malik; Alsufy, Fares; Abdallah, Ahmad
2019-01Dividend policy and payout practices in Malaysia : a qualitative analysisOmar, Mohammed Mispah Said; Echchabi, Abdelghani
2019Dividend policy’s influence on stock priceAgius, Alessio (2019)
2015Do call auctions curtail price volatility? Evidence from the National Stock Exchange of IndiaCamilleri, Silvio John
2019Do stock markets lead or lag macroeconomic variables? Evidence from select European countriesCamilleri, Silvio John; Scicluna, Nicolanne; Bai, Ye
2021The drastic price fluctuations in the U.S. securities market during the great recession vis-à-vis the coronavirus pandemicCassar, Kelsey (2021)
2015The effect of dividend policy on the share price of companies listed on the Malta Stock ExchangeMizzi, Denise
2021The effects of football events on club stock pricesMicallef, Julian (2021)
2005An evaluation into the potential use of the quality of earnings concept as a tool in local investment decisionsFarrugia, Kevin (2005)
2018The factors affecting board stock price of Lq45 stock exchange 2012-2016 : case of IndonesiaBratamanggala, Rudi
2011Financial crisis, ownership effect and investors sentiment : empirical evidence from the banking sector in GreeceAlexakis, Christos A.
2018Financialized commodities and stock indices volatilitiesHandika, Rangga; Ashraf, Sania