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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008An analysis on the impact of hope and organizational support on job performancePalmier, Michael (2008)
2017Art as therapy in stress and anxiety managementAbela, Giulia
2018The effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction on the psychological symptoms of patients with breast cancerVella, Maria
2018Effects of deep breathing, visualisation and vocalisation on levels of stress and anxietyMicallef, Clayton
2018Enhancing teacher resilience through face-to-face training : insights from the ENTREE projectSilva, José Castro; Pipa, Joana; Renner, Cynthia; O'Donnell, Margaret; Cefai, Carmel
1997Examinations and stress : childhood and education subvertedMansueto, Ruth
2022A fuzzy-set approach to re-exploring work-related stress-outcome relationships : implications for research methods, theory and practiceCassar, Vincent; Bezzina, Frank; Fabri, Stephanie
2008Heat stress management for broiler pigeonsAlbanozzo, Michael (2008)
2020The impact of dog therapy on nursing students’ heart rates and ability to pay attention in classGriscti, Odette; Camilleri, Liberato
2008Sources and levels of stress in relation to self-esteemGrech, Cathia
2019Stress factors and coping strategies in simultaneous interpretingBarbara, Michela
2001Stress-related depression in women with multiple rolesAttard, Josanne (2001)
2015What are the experienced benefits of an 8-week mindfulness course amongst participants?Caruana, Wayne-Anthony