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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Action against alcohol offencesScerri, Victoria
2009Alcohol abuse and deviance : an exploratory case study of Maltese alcohol community and residential services usersPulis, Kevin (2009)
1997Arresting alcoholism : abstinence or temperance?Girard, Anthony (1997)
1999Community pharmacists’ involvement with substance abusers, alcoholics and their familiesMedia Liaison Committee Sedqa
2006Double trouble : the relationship between substance abuse and psychiatric/personality disorders in an incarcerated populationBalzan, Maria (2006)
2001Drug abuse as a careerDemicoli, Karen (2001)
2008Drug abuse, service awareness and service use among University studentsTabone, Carlos (2008)
2017Effective social work intervention with persons experiencing substance abuse with a concurrent mental disorder : professionals’ perspectivesSchembri, Daniel
2005An evaluation of gender differences in substance abuse treatment programmes with a particular focus on womenCachia, Charlene (2005)
1998Family dynamics in male adolescent substance misuse processesDrury, Jackie (1998)
2016Gender and addiction from a professional’s perspectiveMallia, Gabrielle
2011Illegal substance abuse : Is it the problem or a solution to the problem?Scicluna, William (2011)
2021The impact of negative experiences on substance abuse in adolescenceButtigieg, Emma (2021)
2006Investigating the extent of substance use by Form 4 students on the school premisesBonavia, Alex; Fenech, Fleur-Marie
2005The Maltese experienceGrech, G.; Grech, Anton
2009The Maltese youth - a brief overviewVisanich, Valerie
2020Management of cravings in adults suffering from substance use disorder : mindfulness based-relapse prevention vs treatment as usualSacco, Reynold
2021Multiple theories behind gateway drugs and their influence on various generations, including a local analysisSaid, Ginesia (2021)
2015A national snapshot of substance misuse among child and adolescent psychiatric inpatients in MaltaGrech, Anton; Axiak, Sally
2005Out of the frying pan into the fire : child abuse as a possible contributory factor leading to substance abuse problems later in lifeCamilleri, Brian (2005)