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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The application of support vector machine for speech classificationGauci, Oliver; Debono, Carl James; Gatt, Edward; Micallef, Paul
2015Applications of machine learning techniques for the modelling of EEG data for diagnosis of epileptic seizuresBugeja, Sylvia
2014ASIC design of a phoneme recogniser based on discrete wavelet transforms and support vector machinesCutajar, Michelle; Gatt, Edward; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen
2020Automated Gait AnalysisSammut-Bonnici, Russell
2016Automatic prediction of stock price direction based on multivariate time series and machine learningBaldacchino, Charlot
2012Classification of LHC beam loss spikes using support vector machinesWolfgang Assmann, Ralph; Bruce, Roderik; Sammut, Nicholas; Valentino, Gianluca
2013-02Comparative study of automatic speech recognition techniquesCutajar, Michelle; Gatt, Edward; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Micallef, Joseph
2012Comparison of different multiclass SVM methods for speaker independent phoneme recognition.Cutajar, Michelle; Gatt, Edward; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Micallef, Joseph
2014Cursor control by point-of-regard estimation for a computer with integrated webcamCristina, Stefania; Camilleri, Kenneth P.
2013Discrete wavelet transforms with multiclass SVM for phoneme recognitionCutajar, Michelle; Gatt, Edward; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Micallef, Joseph
2012Driver fatigue monitoring system using support vector machinesSacco, Matthew; Farrugia, Reuben A.
2018Effort estimation for aircraft maintenance using machine learning techniquesGrima, Robert
2007An enhanced centered binary tree of SVMs algorithm for phoneme recognitionGauci, Oliver; Debono, Carl James; Micallef, Paul
2015Face recognition and age estimation application in order to prevent fake identities and crimesCachia, Gabriel
2019Financial fraud detection : a case in anti-money launderingButtigieg, Roberto
2016Gender recognition from face images using a fusion of SVM classifiersAzzopardi, George; Greco, Antonio; Vento, Mario
2013Hardware-based support vector machine for phoneme classificationCutajar, Michelle; Gatt, Edward; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Micallef, Joseph
2008Improved quality of experience of reconstructed H.264/AVC encoded video sequences through robust pixel domain error detectionFarrugia, Reuben A.; Debono, Carl James
2015-09Incremental concept learning with few training examples and hierarchical classificationBouma, Henri; Eendebak, Pieter T.; Schutte, Klamer; Azzopardi, George; Burghouts, Gertjan J.
2018Machine learning techniques for the determination and prediction of online gambling addictionFarrugia, David