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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11Integrated use of ambient vibrations and geological methods for seismic microzonationPanzera, Francesco; Romagnoli, G.; Tortorici, G.; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Rizza, M.; Catalano, S.
2018-02Lusi hydrothermal structure inferred through ambient vibration measurementsPanzera, Francesco; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Lupi, Matteo; Mauri, Guillaume; Karyono, Karyono; Mazzini, Adriano
2016-08A microtremor survey to define the subsoil structure in a mud volcanoes area : the case study of Salinelle (Mt. Etna, Italy)Panzera, Francesco; Sicali, Simona; Lombardo, Giuseppe; Imposa, Sebastiano; Gresta, Stefano; D'Amico, Sebastiano
2016-12Modelling of earthquake ground response in the Maltese islands using results from geophysical investigationsFarrugia, Daniela; Galea, Pauline; D’Amico, Sebastiano
2009-12Moment tensor solutions of recent earthquakes in the Calabrian region (south Italy)Orecchio, Barbara; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Gervasi, A.; Guerra, I.; Presti, Debora; Zhu, Lupei; Herrmann, Robert B.; Neri, Giancarlo
1992-08Observations of very high P-velocities in the subducted slab, New Zealand, and their relation with the slab geometryGalea, Pauline
2014Shear wave velocity inversion and its influence on seismic site response : case studies from Malta and Catania (Italy)D'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Panzera, Francesco; Lombardo, Giuseppe
2013-08Site frequency response characterisation of the Maltese Islands based on ambient noise H/V ratiosVella, Alexander; Galea, Pauline; D'Amico, Sebastiano