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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10-31Advancing the sustainable tourism agenda through strategic CSR perspectivesCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Sharpley, Richard; Burns, Peter
2018Agenda 2030 : programs 1-17Borg, Carmel
2013The application and relevance of sustainability management accounting, sustainability reporting and assurance in the local market : an investigative studyBonavia, Annabel
2020Assessment of current foreign green infrastructure tools and the development of a green infrastructure system for road projects in MaltaAquilina, Jurgen (2020)
2016Assessment of the balance degree of loan companies banking policyMitrokhin, Vladimir Vladimirovich; Artemyeva, Svetlana S.; Simaeva, I. K.
2021Building sustainably : a pilot study on the project manager’s contribution in delivering sustainable construction projects - a Maltese and international perspectiveBorg, Ruth; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Borg, Simon Paul
2015-06-04The business case for corporate social responsibilityCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Menzel Baker, Stacey; Mason, Marlys
2022-01-01(Call for Papers) Creating value through open innovation approaches : Implications for corporate sustainability and responsibilityBresciani, Stefano; Camilleri, Mark Anthony; Troise, Ciro; O'Regan, Nicholas
2018The circular economy’s closed loop and product service systems for sustainable development : a comprehensive review and appraisalCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2018Closing the loop for resource efficiency, sustainable consumption and production : a critical review of the circular economyCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2003A competence based evaluation tool for environmental educationScicluna Bugeja, Desiree` (2003)
1997The concept and practice of sustainability for EuropeAgius, Emmanuel
2016The conceptual developments of the corporate social responsibility notionCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2016Corporate social responsibility reporting in EuropeCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Idowu, Samuel O.; Schmidpeter, Rene
2021-09-24Corporate sustainability and responsibilitySheehy, Benedict; Camilleri, Mark Anthony
2017Corporate sustainability, social responsibility and environmental management : an introduction to theory and practice with case studiesCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2012-11-14Creating shared value through strategic corporate social responsibilityCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Duysters, Geert; Hoyos, Arnoldo de; Kaminishi, Ken
2013Critical appraisal of the sustainability of two church-run retirement homesBugeja, Jonathan
2017-03CSR 2.0 and the new era of corporate citizenshipCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2021Customers’ perception of sustainable packaging characteristics : an experimental investigationSchembri, Naomi (2021)