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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Al Bahr towers - enhancing sustainability through innovationXuereb, Konrad
2016Analysis of a cold store with phase change materialKilic, Gulenay Alevay; Yalcin, Enver; Yaldin, Ahmet Alper
2020Assessment of building energy modelling studies to meet the requirements of the new Energy Performance of Buildings DirectiveGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles; Cellura, Maurizio; Camilleri, Liberato; Guarino, Francesco
2015Concept - strategy “green cities” on the basis of medium industrially developed cities of Russia and CIS countriesMedvedeva, Lyudmila B.; Komarova, Olga P.; Kozenko, Konstantin Y.
2015Development of a thermally improved hollow concrete blockCaruana, Caroline; Yousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Spiridione; Grima, Charlon
2014Energy efficiency survey of the Ganado Advocates officesAgosta, Antonino Fabio; Dierna, Giovanni Luca; Gileppo, Marco; Capodici, Baldassare; Geramia, Anna Maria Federica; Yousif, Charles; Scerri Diacono, Jotham
2015The ‘energy performance rating of dwellings in Malta’ (EPRDM) calculation tool – the EPB assessors’ perspectiveCamilleri, Elizabeth; Borg, Simon Paul; Buhagiar, Vincent
2010Green buildings : a Maltese perspectiveMuscat, Kevin
2014Improved thermal performance of Maltese HCB : the C-blockMicallef, Luke (2014)
2016Innovation in ventilated tiled roofs : the HEROTILE European projectBottarelli, Michele; Bortoloni, Marco; Dino, Giuseppe; Zannoni, Giovanni
2018Modelling the long-term effect of climate change on a zero energy and carbon dioxide building through energy efficiency and renewablesRey Hernandez, Javier M.; Yousif, Charles; Gatt, Damien; Velasco Gomez, Eloy; San Jose, Julio; Rey Martinez, Francisco Javier
2015A preliminary computational study of flat roof convective thermal resistance in the presence of photovoltaic panelsMicallef, Daniel; Buhagiar, Vincent; Borg, Simon Paul
2020A study of thermal comfort in naturally ventilated churches in a Mediterranean climateVella, Robert C.; Martinez, Francisco Javier Rey; Yousif, Charles; Gatt, Damien