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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Accessibility issues in tourism : the impact of low cost carriers on Malta's tourism industryMontebello, Erika
2022Achieving SDG 3.4 : a policy analysis of three SADC countriesMokoena, Matshedisa Emily (2022)
2013An analysis of the application of best management practices in collaborative watershed management to community-based sustainable developmentSappenfield, Rebecca H. (2013)
2018An analysis on the effectiveness of the lifelong learning through nature programmeMifsud, Mark C.; Chisholm, Hannah
2020Are eco-innovations a key element for green growth?Kasztelan, Armand; Kijek, Tomasz; Kijek, Arkadiusz; Kierepka-Kasztelan, Anna
2022Arts pedagogies for education for sustainable development (ESD)Gatt, Isabelle
2022Aspects influencing purchasing decision, based on fashion purchasing attitudesSpychalska-Wojtkiewicz, Monika; Klein, Monika; Majchrzak, Magdalena
2022Assessment and ESD – which way forward?Bonello, Charles; Musumeci, Martin
2023Benchmarking electric power companies’ sustainability and circular economy behaviors : using a hybrid PLS-SEM and MCDM approachKhaw, Khai Wah; Camilleri, Mark Anthony; Tiberius, Victor; Alnoor, Alhamzah; Zaidan, Ali Shakir; Hens, Luc
2017Block chain and financial controlling in the system of technological provision of large corporations’ economic securityUmarovich, Albekov Adam; Gennadyevna, Vovchenko Natalia; Vladimirovna, Andreeva Olga; Alexandrovich, Sichev Roman
2017[Book review] Destination competitiveness, the environment and sustainability : challenges and cases by Andres Artal-Tur and Metin KozakMangion, Marie-Louise
2021Building sustainably : a pilot study on the project manager’s contribution in delivering sustainable construction projects - a Maltese and international perspectiveBorg, Ruth; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Borg, Simon Paul
2020Building sustainably : the project manager’s contribution in delivering sustainable projects - a Maltese and international perspectiveBorg, Ruth; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Borg, Simon Paul
2008CARICOM’s orientation in external trade negotiations and resilience buildingPreville, Claudius
2022Challenges on the way to implement goals of sustainable development : reducing inequalitiesBąk, Iwona; Kurtz, Małgorzata
2002Challenges to environmental education in the 21st centuryLeal Filho, Walter; Pace, Paul J.
2003Changes in approach towards sustainable development with particular reference to the Johannesburg Summit of 2002Sammut, Andrew D. (2003)
2021A circular economy strategy for sustainable value chains : a European perspectiveCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2018The circular economy’s closed loop and product service systems for sustainable development : a comprehensive review and appraisalCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2014Civic action for sustainable futures : what role for adult environmental education?Caruana, Vincent