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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-21Advancing community-based tourism approaches for the sustainable development of destinationsMtapuri, Oliver; Camilleri, Mark Anthony; Dłużewska, Anna
1996Country size and tourism development : a cross-nation analysisLiu, Zhen Hua; Jenkins, Carson L.
2014-10-21Developing stakeholder markets for social tourism : key challenges for education and training : a European case studyJones, Andrew; Theuma, Nadia; Azzopardi, Sarah; Avellino, Marie
1996Ecological labelling in tourismMihalic, Tanja
1996Environmental auditing in planning for sustainable island tourismStabler, Michael J.; Goodall, Brian
1996Hosting the guest : changing local attitudes and behaviourSweeney, Adrienne; Wanhill, Stephen
1996The implications of climate change for tourism in small islandsWall, Geoffrey
1996Island states and the problems of mass tourismDavies, Brian
2016-07-01PM4SD as a methodological framework for sustainable tourismJones, Andrew; Cardia, Giusy
2017The promotion of responsible tourism management through digital mediaCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2013The prudence of an environmentally sustainable investment for hotelsCaruana, Francesca
1996Putting principles into practices : sustainable tourism in small island statesLeal Filho, Walter
2015-09-01Responsible tourism that creates shared value among stakeholdersCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Sharpley, Richard; Burns, Peter
2021-11-29Special issue: Corporate sustainability and stakeholder management in tourism and hospitalityCamilleri, Mark Anthony
1996Sustainability and tourism : reflections from a muddy poolHarrison, David
1996Sustainable alternatives to insular mass tourism : recent theory and practiceMcElroy, Jerome L.; Albuquerque, Klaus de
2021-09-09Sustainable production and consumption of food. Mise-en-place circular economy policies and waste management practices in tourism citiesCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2007Sustainable tourism : a geographical approach to safeguard the Maltese environmentDebattista, Marouska (2007)
1996Sustainable tourism : an economist’s viewpointArcher, Brian
2017-02Sustainable tourism : developing local capacity frameworks : the COLEAD (Cooperating for Leadership in Tourism) InitiativeJones, Andrew; Barbone, Silvia; Cardia, Giusy; Carlisle, Sheena