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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Analysis of the interface systems as mediating agents in university/industry relations : proposal of the “relationship promoter” as a strategic role in the R&D transferencePerez-Astray, Braulio; Babio, Nuria Calvo
2016Augmented reality in the digital factoryFrancalanza, Emmanuel; Borg, Jonathan C.; Farrugia, Philip; Farrugia, Lawrence
2009Chatmobile: Personality-driven chatbot over mobileAgostino, Daniel (2009)
1994Communicating change : a study of diffusion of innovation and its application within management systems unit LtdHillman, Adrian C. (1994)
2021The corporate communications executives’ interactive engagement through digital mediaCamilleri, Mark Anthony; Isaias, Pedro
2008Creativity and innovation in a non governmental organisation in Malta : a case studyFarrugia, Tania (2008)
2022-11-10Crowdfunding and innovation: a bibliometric review and future research agendaBargoni, Augusto; Ferraris, Alberto; Bresciani, Stefano; Camilleri, Mark Anthony
2016Decoding and coding the lived experience : using technology as an extension of oneself in the designPace, Kristine (2016)
2011The design of a triple helix innovation network for the enhancement of the European equine sectorHübner, Nancy (2011)
2021Designing a model for testing the effectiveness of a regulation : the case of DORA for insurance undertakingsGrima, Simon; Marano, Pierpaolo
1973Digital function generatorsScicluna, A. (1973)
2013-09-04Digitally complemented zoomorphism : a theoretical foundation for human-animal interaction designWesterlaken, Michelle; Gualeni, Stefano
2020Entrepreneurial passion and self-efficacy as factors explaining innovative behavior : a mediation modelNoreña-Chavez, Diego; Guevara, Rubén
2007Figure animation through human motion trackingFelice Pace, Matthew (2007)
2014Frugal innovationSammut-Bonnici, Tanya; McGee, John
2016Human capital as a key factor of economic growth in crisisSultanova, Aleksandra V.; Chechina, Oksana S.
2021The impact of educational factor on innovation and competitiveness of middle-income countriesGryczka, Marcin
2016Imperative of state in the process of establishment of innovational economy in the globalizing worldAkopova, Elena Sergeevna; Przhedetskaya, Nataliya Vitovna
2007Implementation of educational software and internet in Maltese state primary schools (early years)Azzopardi, Charlene
2015The influence of factors on ERP usage : a case study of end-users in Maltese corporationsBalzan, Ryan