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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Control considerations relating to terrorism within the aviation industry : a case study on MaltaScerri, Lara
2011Creating an equilibrium : fundamental human rights and criminal justice with particular reference to terrorismFenech, Greta
2017A critical analysis of international jurisprudence relating to terrorismPullicino, Mattea
2015Ethnic differences in birth gender ratio responses in the United States after the September 11 Attacks and the President Kennedy assassinationGrech, Victor E.
2004The EU's fight against terrorism : disappointment thus far? Prospects for the future?Harwood, Mark
2019The impact of terrorism on Maltese outbound tourismGalea Pace, Kim
2017The impacts of terrorism on the aviation industry : analysing the effects on the demand for air transportCauchi, Ryan
2008Jus ad bellum in an age of terrorismBannister, Catherine
1971Legal aspects of air piracyMuscat Azzopardi, Godwin
2018Managing the impacts of terrorism in a tourism crisisCamilleri, Philip
2012Missing core crimes : the case for their inclusion within the Rome statute of the International Criminal CourtCalleja, Leontine
2019The ‘modus operandi’ of terrorists in these last two decadesButtigieg, Rudy Karl
2004Recent initiatives affecting port and vessel security regimesVassallo, Alison
2017State action against terrorism in relation to the Neutrality Clause found in the Constitution of MaltaZerafa, Brendan
2014Terrorism : why does aircraft hijacking occur?Grech, Danica
2016Terrorism and tourism : the perceptions and decisions of potential Maltese tourists regarding conflict-ridden destinationsSammut, Vincienne
2017The terrorist attacks and the human live birth sex ratio : a systematic review and meta-analysisMasukume, Gwinyai; O'Neill, Sinead M.; Khashan, Ali S.; Kenny, Louise C.; Grech, Victor E.
2015Terrorist attacks and the male-to-female ratio at birth : the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Rodney King riots, and the Breivik and Sandy Hook shootingsGrech, Victor E.