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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Analysis of the foetal to adult globin gene switch mechanism by single cell RNA and TCR sequencingMangion, Sharon (2022)
1998Clinical and molecular pathology of the β+ IVSI-6C thalassaemia in MaltaScerri, Christian A.
2022Differential expression of globin gene switching using single cell sequencingButtigieg, Michaela (2022)
2013Does summation of HMIP SNPs differentiate between the Hb F of the β°Codon39 and the β+IVS-I-6C thalassaemia heterozygotes?Eljali, Seham Saadeddin
2012The effect of modifier genes on foetal Haemoglobin in the Maltese populationScerri, Gary
2012KLF10 gene expression is associated with high fetal hemoglobin levels and with response to hydroxyurea treatment in β-hemoglobinopathy patientsBorg, Joseph J.; Phylactides, Marios; Bartsakoulia, Marina; Tafrali, Christina; Lederer, Carsten W.; Felice, Alex; Papachatzopoulou, Adamantia; Kourakli, Alexandra; Stavrou, Eleana F.; Christou, Soteroula; Hou, Jun; Karkabouna, Sophia; Lappa-Manakou, Christina; Ozgur, Zeliha; Ijcken, Wilfred van; Lindern, Marieke von; Grosveld, Frank G.; Georgitsi, Marianthi; Kleanthous, Marina; Philipsen, Sjaak; Patrinos, George P.
2012Pharmacogenomic reactivation of foetal haemoglobinGrech, Laura
2022Quantitative mRNA expression profiling of primary human erythroid progenitor cells exposed to small molecules for HbF inductionBorg, Elena (2022)
1966The Thalassemia trait in Malta and GozoVella, Francis
2020To relate clinical phenotype to genotype and underlying inflammation among a cohort of thalassaemia homozygotesCutajar, Michaela
2023Unravelling the globin gene switch mechanism in patients with hereditary persistence of foetal haemoglobinCamilleri, Nikita (2023)