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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Ecology and human development : a Christian perspectiveAttard, Maria Pia (2007)
2020Editorial note : gratis et amorisDeBattista, André P.; Farrugia, Jonathan; Scerri, Hector
2020-05-03Emmanuel Agius (12.12.1954-)Mangion, Ray
2014Encountering god : a comparative study of the doctrine of the divine energy in maximus the confessor and Gregory PalamasSisto, Walter
2009Encountering the divine names : a theological pilgrimageGuyette, Fred
2006Eucharist in the first letter to the CorinthiansBartolo, Noel (2006)
2008Kierkegaard's prophetic pedigree : his 'deeper impression of existence' and modern ageButtigieg, John (2008)
2001Knisja miftuha berah ghall-annimali, alleanza religjuza ma’ l-annimaliMercieca, Simon
1956L-ilsien ta' Gesu'Saydon, Pietru Pawl
2008Lectures 10 : program 14 : Christian theology and the universe of science according to St. Albert the GreatFaculty of Theology, University of Malta; Honnefelder, Ludger
2008Lectures 10 : program 15 : bioethics and the normative concept of human personhoodFaculty of Theology, University of Malta; Honnefelder, Ludger
2008Lectures 11 : program 3 : it-teologija ta' San Pawl u ta' Santu Wistin fuq 'Il-Bniedem il-gdid' : ic-cittadin tal-belt ta' AllaAugustinian Institute; Borg, Lucien
2010Lectures 13 : program 17 : Augustine's teaching on the relation between divine grace and human agencyFaculty of Theology, University of Malta; Fondazzjoni tal-Arcidjocesi ghall-Istudji Teologici; Augustinian Institute; Ogliari, Donato
2009Lectures 13 : programs 1 and 2 : St. Paul and JesusGhaqda Studenti tat-Teologija, University of Malta; Tuckett, Christopher
2010Lectures 14 : program 15 : faith and reason according to Cardinal NewmanGhaqda Studenti tat-Teologija, University of Malta; Norris, Thomas
2010Lectures 15 : program 9 : Augustine's evaluation of fear and its receptionAugustinian Institute; van Geest, Paul
2011Lectures 17 : program 11 : Newman on conscienceDiscern; Kerr, Ian
2012Lectures 18 : program 5 : Wistin ta' Ippona u l-wirt tieghu lit-teologija Latina u l-iskolastikaAugustinian Institute; Frendo, George
2005Lectures 3 : program 10 : imhabba : is-sisien taz-zewgt ibliet : teorija Agostinjana tal-politikaAgostinian Institute; Borg, Lucien
2005Lectures 3 : program 14 : ligi skond San Tumas t’AkwinuAugustinian Institute; Schembri, Guido