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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018About local projection impulse response function reliabilityBrugnolini, Luca
2021Analysing Malta’s housing supply–price relationship : a stock-flow approachGrech, Daniel (2021)
2018Analysis of local archived atmospheric pressure dataDimech, Frederique
2021An analysis of the relationship between credit and economic growth with a focus on estimating the optimal credit growth for MaltaVella, Sarah (2021)
2019An application of stochastic programming to inventory managementBorg Barthet, Luke
2020Application of the surface division method to segregate investments in capital markets for shares‘ portfolioPrzekota, Grzegorz
2016Approaching EUR/CHF exchange rate volatility in Albanian marketTodri, Ardita
2006Assessing the effectiveness of the exchange rate movements on the Greek current account deficit : a cointegration analysisPaleologos, John M.; Bitzis, Grigorios
2006Assets return and risk and exchange rate trends : an ex post analysisKallianiotis, Ioannis N.; Frear, Dean
2003A behavioral analysis of Greek strike activitySfakianakis, Michael E.; Hourmentis, Kostas A.
2013Combining time series analysis and multi criteria decision making techniques for forecasting financial performance of banks in TurkeyÖnder, Emrah; Hepşen, Ali
2012Consolidation and preparation of event, time series and spatial data for analysisBugeja, Owen (2012)
2018-09Corporate sustainability indexes : Dow-Jones indexKrasniqi, Drita; Vardari, Luan
2020Demand prediction for shared mobility services using time series modellingCamilleri, Rudi (2020)
2015The determinants of a successful venture capital marketMuscat, Andrew
2021Determinants of youth unemployment in the EU : a panel data analysisAgius, Leanne (2021)
2010The distribution of London metal exchange prices : a test of the Fractal Market HypothesisPanas, Epaminondas; Ninni, Vassilia
2021The dynamic relationship between stock and property markets : a Maltese perspectiveMicallef, Clarissa (2021)
2008An eclectic causality model for income growth : evidence from GreeceAthanasenas, Athanasios L.; Katrakilidis, Constantinos P.
2020Environmental event discovery through time series anomaliesJenkins, André