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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Adult doses from computed tomography (CT) scanning of the abdomen at a general hospital in Malta.Ellul, Lee Anne
1997Adverse reactions to contrast media : an investigation of contrast-enhanced C.T. examinations.Demicoli, Pierre
2020-10Annual Activity Report 2019-2020Camilleri, Kenneth P.
2021-10Annual activity report 2020-2021Bonnici, Alexandra; University of Malta. Faculty of Engineering. Department of Systems & Control Engineering
2021An assessment of the performance of low dose CT thorax (CT pneumonia) as a screening tool in the diagnosis of Covid-19Pace Bardon, Michael; Cassar, Julian; Balzan, Gabriella; Cassar, Peter; Conti, Luca; Mallia, Nicola; Brincat, Stephanie; Schembri, Emma; Balzan, Martin; Farrugia, Yanika; Fsadni, Peter; Galea, Gabriel; Pullicino, Richard; Mizzi, Adrian; Montefort, Stephen
2013Audit on the use of radiological investigations in the management of rhinosinusitisGrech, Stephan; McKearney, Richard M.; Borg-Xuereb, Hermann K.
2014Beware the person with the glass eye and the large liverVassallo, Edith; Azzopardi, Christine; Pullicino, Richard; Grech, Reuben
2008-07Conditions that may mimic primary pancreatic cancerVassallo, Pierre
2011Effective and organ doses during CT scanning.Agius, Nicholas James
2014The elephant man syndromePullicino, Richard; Grech, Reuben
2014The ethico-legal implications of neuroscience : where do we draw the line?Cassar, Daniela
2011Evaluating the referral criteria for CT C-Spine.Farrugia, Charlene
2013Evaluating the use of oral contrast for abdominal CTButtigieg, Erica Lauren
2007Evaluation of low-dose lung CT.Calleja, Maria
2017Image processing techniques for brain haemorrhage detection in head CT scansNapier, John
2016Image processing techniques for lung lesion detection in chest CT scansBonanno, Daniel
2011Imaging coeliac diseaseVassallo, Pierre
2006Imaging modalities for the visualisation of non-metallic foreign bodies.Caruana, Rosanne
2010An investigation of radiographer-patient communication.Refalo, Maria
2009Justification of CT brain when referred as accident and emergency.Xerxen, Paul Joe