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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Abuse of rights in Maltese jurisprudence : a civil law concept within a mixed jurisdictionBajada, Diana (2013)
2021Allocating damages between multiple tortfeasors under Maltese law and jurisprudenceFalzon, Mark (2021)
2016The ‘bonus paterfamilias’ and the ‘reasonable person’ in Maltese legislation and jurisprudenceBaldacchino, James
2010Children as culprits under tort law : a comparative studyGrima, Ruth Antoinette
1999The civil consequences of negligence in the medical profession : a comparative study and proposals for reformZarb Adami, Kathleen
1979Civil liability for animalsCremona-Barbaro di San Giorgio, Antony
2016Civil responsibility for damage caused by artificial intelligenceMicallef, Thea Leigh
2020Civil responsibility for damage caused via distributed ledger technologySeguna, Annalise (2020)
2016Compensating 'Lucrum Cessans' to pensioners : a review of local jurisprudenceAttard, Rebekah Marie
2014The conceptual basis and practical implications of compensating psychological harm in Maltese Tort LawGrima, Charlene
2012Concurrent liability and Maltese law : comparative and jurisprudential perspectivesCalleja, Eliza
1979Consumer protection and the law [Thesis]Fabri, David
2016Contractual limitation of liability and disclaimer clauses with particular emphasis on consumer contracts : a comparative study based on Maltese and European casesMuscat, Francienne
2009The contratual nature and consequences of relationships involving patients, medical practitioners and health institutionsLia, Alessandro
2017Damages for the wrongful death of a foetus : is such action viable under Maltese Tort Law?Vella, Celaine
1977Defamatory libel in the Press Act, 1974 with special reference to the civil actionFarrugia, Tonio
2010Defences to liability in tortThompson, Jonathan
2012Delictual liability : a study of the 2010 white paper and the related billBonello, Maria (2012)
2011Deprivation of the use of one's money : a comparative and jurisprudential perspective on article 1047 of the civil codeAgius, Marie-Elise
2018Does a general right to take preventive action against feared harm exist in our tort law?Dillon, Moira