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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Accessibility of websites of the European national tourism boardsRubáček, Filip; Jindřichovská, Irena; Horváthová, Zuzana; Abrhám, Josef
2010-02-08Creating new tourism destinations : success and failure for developing sustainable niche tourism markets : a case study of WalesJones, Andrew
2019Culinary tourism analysis at restaurants with tourism satisfaction mediationIndrajaya, Sonny
2011-12-01Disappearing destinations : recognising problems, meeting expectations, delivering solutionsJones, Andrew; Phillips, Mike
2012Enhancing the tourist experience through innovation : a case study on eventsGauci, Karl
2017From blue to grey? Malta's quest from mass beach to niche heritage tourismAshworth, Gregory J.; Tunbridge, John E.
2018Functioning of tourist recreational special economic zones as institutional tools to include tourist clusters in the world economyBagiryan, V. A.; Basenko, A. M.; Kudiniva, G. N.; Surzhikov, Mikhail Andreevich
2000-12-17Heritage and tourism - creating a synergy : increasing visitor satisfactionEbejer, John
2018Innovative quality improvements in hotel servicesNikolskaya, E. Y.; Kovaleva, N. I.; Uspenskaya, M. E.; Makshakova, N. I.; Lysoivanenko, E. N.; Lebedev, Konstantin A.
2017Investigation of convergence in the tourist markets of GreeceKatrakilidis, Constantinos P.; Konteos, George; Sariannidis, Nikolaos; Manolidou, Chrysi
2017The measurement of the spiritual tourism in regions of south KazakhstanKuralbayev, Almas; Abishov, Nurjan; Abishova, Aizhan; Urazbayeva, Gulnara
2017Modeling and new trends in tourism a contribution to social and economic development - a book reviewFerreira, Manuel Alberto M.
2016-07-01PM4SD as a methodological framework for sustainable tourismJones, Andrew; Cardia, Giusy
2017Pricing and revenue managementCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2017The promotion of responsible tourism management through digital mediaCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2012The renovation of a mature tourist destinationPeplow, Damien Wallace
2013-03-15Socialising tourism, state of the art research reportAvellino, Marie
2020-06Strategic corporate social responsibility in tourism and hospitalityCamilleri, Mark Anthony
2020Tourism competitiveness in the EU Mediterranean countriesBorg, Clivert (2020)
1995A tourism development model based on sustainable tourism the Seychelles : a unique archipelago in the tropicsGroote, Patrick De; Molderez, Ingrid