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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023The benefits of tourism and travel to the tourist's well-being : a conceptual discussionEbejer, John
2023[Editorial] Introduction to Food and the pilgrim : nourishment for pilgrims and faith-based touristsMunro, Dane; Buttigieg, Noel; Olsen, Daniel H.
2020Encoding and interpreting Neolithic sites : world heritage temples in MaltaMunro, Dane; Avellino, Marie
2023Food and the pilgrim. Nourishment for pilgrims and faith-based touristsMunro, Dane; Buttigieg, Noel; Olsen, Daniel H.
2017Historical perspectives of shifting motives for faith-based travelMunro, Dane
2018The Holy Grail Trail of Malta : a fantastic interpretationMunro, Dane
2002-09Il-Ħajja f'Għawdex : volume 841 : 2002Catholic Church. Diocese of Gozo (Malta)
2019In defense of the pure pilgrim : De Re Defensionibus Peregrini CastioriHaller, Stephen F.; Munro, Dane
2020Introduction [Peace journeys : a new direction in religious tourism and pilgrimage research]Munro, Dane; McIntosh, Ian C.; Farra Haddad, Nour
2023[Introduction] Developing new religious pilgrimage routes and trailsOlsen, Daniel H.; Munro, Dane; McIntosh, Ian S.
2016Malta : a differentiated approach to the pilgrim-tourist dichotomyMunro, Dane; Cassar, George
2020Malta and faith-based tourism : stocktaking and future perspectivesMunro, Dane
2019Managing St John’s – working for the greater GoodMunro, Dane
2019A Pauline progress : protestant post-pilgrimage reflectionsMunro, Dane
2021Pilgrim coaches : a new phenomenonMunro, Dane
2021Pilgrimage and beyond : going places, far and awayMunro, Dane; McIntosh, Ian S.; Sy Su, Chadwick Co
2020The relationship between tourism and culture in Gozo : implications for policy integrationCamilleri, Andre
2023Religious food consumption in the sacred island of MaltaButtigieg, Noel; Munro, Dane
2020Religious tourism as a development factor for peripheral areas : the case of the Polish-Czech borderMalkowski, Arkadiusz; Mickiewicz, Bartosz; Malkowska, Agnieszka
2018A risky delight : the dangers of being a participant in a Maltese festaCassar, George; Munro, Dane