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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973Acute appendicitis following motor vehicle accidentFiorini, Godfrey T.
1986An analysis of some of the principal traffic offences in Maltese and foreign law.Bondin, Franco
2010A case of simultaneous digital flexor and extensor tendon injuries in zone IBranford, Olivier Alexandre; Azzopardi, Ernest A.; Iyer, Srinivasan S.
2020Controlling the unpredictable on the roadCassar, Daniel
2013Detection of critical driving situations in motorcyclesSant, Stefan Mario (2013)
2015Emotional appeals in drinking and driving campaigns : negative versus positive appeals : a study among university studentsSchembri, Angele
2023The human cost of Malta's traffic fiascoXerri, Daniel
1981-07Il-Gzejjer : No. 104 : 1981Department of Information (Malta)
1977-11Il-Pulizija : volume 1, no. 7 : 1977Marshall, Michael; Malta Police Force
1983-10Il-Pulizija : volume 4, no. 11 : 1983Attard, E.; Malta Police Force
1983-12Il-Pulizija : volume 4, no. 12 : 1983Attard, E.; Malta Police Force
1984-02Il-Pulizija : volume 5, no. 1 : 1984Attard, E.; Malta Police Force
1984-04Il-Pulizija : volume 5, no. 2 : 1984Attard, E.; Malta Police Force
2012Persistent vegetative state secondary to a motor vehicle accidentAbela, Franklin; Dimech, Anthony
2022Prevention of neurological injury during extrication of a conscious patientAgius, Maria (2022)
1975Priorities in the management of road traffic accidentsAttard, J.
2022Road incident scanning and reporting initiativeFormosa, Saviour