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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Assessing the options for solving traffic increasing congestion (jam) problems in Malta by optimising public transportConnor, Kurt
2016Assessing the options for using empty garages for pay-as-you-go parkingSant, Andrea
2015Climate change and its impacts on elderly road users in Malta : a call for new policies?Mifsud, Deborah; Attard, Maria; Ison, Stephen G.
2015Congestion in Malta : the implications on climate changeAttard, Maria; Brockdorff, Philip von; Bezzina, Frank; Mifsud, Deborah
2019Determinants of automobile demand in the Maltese islandsSaliba, Maria Christine
2019Determinants of participation in the car sharing economy : from hypothetical to real marketsFormosa, Glenn
2018Emerging technologies to help alleviate local traffic : an analysisAquilina, Luke
2015Interrupting habit : car use habit and personal norm combined : implications for MaltaHazzard, Sara
2017Is free public transport the solution to traffic?Baldacchino, Kurt
2018Private car ownership in Malta : an economic perspectiveBrooke, Andrew
2019Reducing private vehicles on the road : insights from a contingent valuation analysis in the Maltese contextBruno, Kearon
2016Reducing school traffic congestion in MaltaMifsud, Kristina
2018Reducing traffic congestion through offering complimentary school transport : a critical evaluationAttard, Stuart
2018-09Road courtesy : a prerogative of gender, age and car sizeAttard-Montalto, Edward; Attard-Montalto, Simon
2016-12Time to goMifsud, Kristina