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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Adsorption characteristics of tributyltin on municipal solid waste compostSaid-Pullicino, Daniel; Vella, Alfred J.
2000Analytical aspects of the gas chromatographic determination of tributyltin and metabolites in environmental samplesVella, Alfred J.; Mintoff, Bernardette; Axiak, Victor
2007Butyltins in indoor dust in homes in MaltaBaldacchino, Lorraine (2007)
1996Cellular and physiological effects of TBT antifouling agent on the clam Venus verrucosaChircop, Patricia
2007Contamination of outdoor settled dust by butyltins in MaltaDecelis, Rachel; Vella, Alfred J.
2000Evaluation of environmental levels and biological impact of TBT in Malta (central Mediterranean)Axiak, Victor; Vella, Alfred J.; Agius, D.; Bonnici, P.; Cassar, G.; Cassone, R.; Mintoff, B.; Sammut, M.; Micallef, Daniel
2003Imposex as a biomonitoring tool for marine pollution by tributyltin : some further observationsAxiak, Victor; Micallef, Diane; Muscat, Joanne; Vella, Alfred J.; Mintoff, Bernardette
1995Imposex in Hexaplex trunculus (Gastropoda : Muricidae) : first results from biomonitoring of tributyltin contamination in the MediterraneanAxiak, Victor; Vella, Alfred J.; Chircop, R.; Mintoff, B.; Micallef, Daniel
2005In Vitro and field studies on the environmental methylation of Tribultytin speciesAquilina, Alfred (2005)
1995Laboratory and field investigations on the effects of organotin (tributyltin) on the oyster, Ostrea edulisAxiak, Victor; Sammut, M.; Chircop, P.; Vella, Alfred J.; Mintoff, B.
2007Organotin compounds in marine sediments near sewage outfall areas in MaltaPace, Selina (2007)
1998Organotin pollution in Malta coastal zoneVella, Alfred J.; Mintoff, Bernardette; Axiak, Victor; Galea Agius, Dorita; Cassone, Roberto
2001Preliminary evidence for in vitro methylation of tributyltin in a marine sedimentVella, Alfred J.; Tabone Adami, Jean Pierre
2002Sorption of tributyltin in seawater by municipal solid waste compostVassallo, Ruth; Vella, Alfred J.
2009TBT in dust around Malta and Gozo with special reference to indoor dustCortis, Joshua (2009)