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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Applying ubiquitous commerce concepts to wearable devicesMicallef, Nicholas; Montebello, Matthew
2018Awakening to the screen : an analysis of the human condition in the age of ubiquityBonnici, Jodie
2013Context-awareness through smart mobile technology for detection of self-injury risk in wandering elders diagnosed with early stages of dementiaCachia, Colin (2013)
2007The deployment of major principles of pervasive computing on wearable devicesMicallef, Nicholas; Montebello, Matthew
2006DoNet : a semantic agent-based framework for domoticsAttard, Malcolm (2006)
2007An e-Commerce framework for wearable devicesMicallef, Nicholas; Montebello, Matthew
2014-11Enabling usage of cloud-based applications when offlineEllul, Joshua
2017Enhancing a simulator and visualization platform for human activity datasets : PacSimFarrugia, Gabriel
2024Future-present learning in place : postdigital learning at the scale of the cityLister, Pen
2016Generating datasets of human activities in pervasive spaces when using wearable devicesGrech, Josmar
2011LAMIR : Localised Adaptable/Adaptive Mobile RetrievalAbela, Adrian (2011)
2018Life-long pedagogical agents within a ubiquitous educational systemMontebello, Matthew
2020Locating and monitoring people in indoor controlled environments : a robust depth-based approachSacco, Matthew
2014Personal ubiquitous assistantZerafa, Angelo (2014)
2008A pervasive assistant for nursing and doctoral staffDingli, Alexiei; Abela, Charlie
2014-08PINATA : taking e-Health a step forwardDingli, Alexiei; D’Ambrogio, Ilenia; Information Resources Management Association
2017Smart ubiquitous learning environmentsMontebello, Matthew
2003Ubiquitous web servicesAttard, Malcolm
2014Using RFID and Wi-Fi in healthcareDingli, Alexiei; Seychell, Dylan