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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A comparison between ultrasound and plain X-ray imaging for detecting and locating penetrating foreign bodies.Schembri, Nicholas
2016Diagnostic performance of CA125, ultrasound score and risk malignancy index in determining adnexal massesHamsworth, Marlon
2014Effectiveness of ultrasonography in detecting intraosseous vascularization : an in-vitro studyBaladi, Marina Gazzano; de Souza, Maria Jose Albuquerque Pereira; Neto, Renato Tucunduva; Cortes, Arthur R. G.; Aoki, Eduardo Massaharu; Arita, Emiko Saito; de Freitas, Claudio Froes
2014The elephant man syndromePullicino, Richard; Grech, Reuben
2010Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) : an evaluation of ESWL in patients suffering from urolithiasis in Malta.Falzon, Lara
2008-01Imaging hamstring injuryVassallo, Pierre
2008-03Imaging pyelonephritis : part 1Vassallo, Pierre
2008-05Imaging pyelonephritis : part 2Vassallo, Pierre
2021Industrial tomography platform for diagnostics and control of the crystallization processKról, Krzysztof; Niderla, Konrad; Dmowski, Artur; Cichorzewska, Marzena
2016Inter-rater reliability of Doppler waveform analysis amongst health care professionalsFormosa, Cynthia; Ellul, Christian; Mizzi, Anabelle; Mizzi, Stephen; Gatt, Alfred
2018Interrater reliability of spectral Doppler waveformFormosa, Cynthia; Ellul, Christian; Mizzi, Anabelle; Mizzi, Stephen; Gatt, Alfred
1997Is routine quality control of equipment still necessary in the case of digital ultrasound imaging systems?Alaya, A.H.
2002Noninvasive assessment of arterial function in children : clinical applicationsAggoun, Yachine; Beghetti, Maurice
2010-11Point of care ultrasound in general practiceGauci, Alexandra
1993Prevalence screening for ovarian cancer in postmenopausal women by CA 125 measurement and ultrasonographyJacobs, Ian; Davies, Ann Prys; Bridges, Jane; Stabile, Isabel; Fay, Toby; Lower, Adrian; Grudzinskas, J. G.; Oram, David
2012The role of the radiographer in ultrasound.Mallia, Olivia
2009The role of ultrasound imaging in congenital hip dislocation.Grech, Ingrid
2011Shoulder ultrasoundVassallo, Pierre
2012Students' perceptions of F.A.S.T. imaging training in Malta.Galea, Dorianne
2007TRUS is not a common practice at St. Luke's Hospital, Malta : why?Amato Gauci, Greta