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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The deleterious influence of ‘Arundo donax’ within selected Maltese valley bedsPatissier, Rylan (2014)
2015Fiddien valley as a site for fieldworkHallett, Leanne
1950-12Frak mill-istorjaSaid, Lwiġi
2002Future prospects for the valleys of Malta : A survey of interests and powers of local councils and other major stakeholder institutions and how these will determine the future of the valley environment in MaltaMuscat, Maria (2002)
1999A handful of soil : land tenure as a function of land degradation in Maltese valleyCalleja, Ivan (1999)
2012Il-Huttafa : issue 109 : March-April 2012BirdLife Malta
2000An investigation of the vegetation of Wied QirdaFlask, Riccardo M. (2000)
1993Land management of Wied il-Għasel valley systemMuscat, Mary (1993)
2000Man-nannu f'Wied BufulaEllul, Joe
2015Non-marine epilithic diatom communities in Malta and GozoSaliba, Francesca Marie
2007The potential of widien (valleys) for geography fieldwork in the Maltese IslandsCaruana, Amanda
1994Restoring Wied il-Ghasel : can it be saved?Grech, Charles F.
2007The river kbir : habitat diversity in the catchment of the largest Maltese riverHaslam, Sylvia Mary
2003-01-05Using the law to chop down treesDeidun, Alan
2009Valley of cascading opportunities : what potential exist in sustainably utilizing Wied Babu's water catchment properties?Cauchi, James (2009)
2000Valleys : taking Wied is-Sewda as a case study.Seychell, John
1995Valleys in Malta : a case for their conservation : an analysis of the state of valleys in the Maltese Islands and an investigation of their possible rehabilitation and conservationZahra, Joseph (1995)
2011Vegetation of Wied Balluta in relation to anthropogenic pressuresSpiteri, Joeline
2019Wied Inċita fi tfulitiBorg, Joseph
1997The wied: a representative Mediterranean landformAnderson, Ewan W.