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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008ARCHie - augmented reality for cultural heritage in interactive e-learningCamilleri, Vanessa; Montebello, Matthew
2008ARIEL : Augmented Reality in Interactive E-learningCamilleri, Vanessa; Montebello, Matthew
2018Assisting education through real-time learner analyticsMontebello, Matthew
2018Career professional development through VRMontebello, Matthew
2018Companion pedagogical agentsMontebello, Matthew
2018Critical thinking through a reflexive platformMontebello, Matthew; Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary
2018Crowdsourced recommender systemMallia Milanes, Mario; Montebello, Matthew
2018Empathizing with autistic children : using a virtual reality application as a mediumHaddod, Foaad
2018Enriching online education through differentiated learningMontebello, Matthew; Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary
2012The EUROMED 4 project ELAICH: e-Tools for a teaching environment on EU Mediterranean cultural heritageLobovikov-Katz, Anna; Konstanti, Agoritsa; Labropoulos, Kyriakos; Moropoulou, Antonia; Cassar, JoAnn; De Angelis, Roberta; Ioannides, Marinos; Fritsch, Dieter; Leissner, Johanna; Davies, Rob; Remondino, Fabio; Caffo, Rossella
2017A framework for measuring VR-based instruction effectivenessVassallo, Keith; Camilleri, Vanessa; Layfield, Colin; Montebello, Matthew
2002Just-in-time lecture delivery, management and student support systemEllul, Clyde (2002)
2016Living autism : an immersive learning experienceMartino, Steffi de; Haddod, Foaad; Briffa, Vince; Camilleri, Vanessa; Dingli, Alexiei; Montebello, Matthew
2017Measuring e-learning effectiveness using a three-way somparisonMontebello, Matthew
2009Mobile paradigms in the virtual world - sharing connectivity in learningMontebello, Matthew; Camilleri, Vanessa
2009Morveus - mobile reality in virtual education for world cultureMontebello, Matthew; Camilleri, Vanessa
2018Multimodal mastery learningMontebello, Matthew; Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary; Haniya, Samaa; Amina, Tabassum; Tzirides, Anastasia Olga; Searsmith, Duane; Zhao, Naichen; Chen, Min
2004An online academic environmentBonnici, Heidi M. (2004)
2020The power of nudging for virtual learning environmentsWernbacher, Thomas; Pfeiffer, Alexander; Kriglstein, Simone; Bezzina, Stephen
2018The role of recursive feedback within an ambient intelligent classroomMontebello, Matthew