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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Career guidance : a policy handbookSultana, Ronald G.; Watts, Tony
2012Career guidance from a lifelong learning perspective : issues for Europe and beyondSultana, Ronald G.
2005Career guidance in Europe’s public employment services : trends and challengesSultana, Ronald G.; Watts, Anthony G.
2006Career guidance in public employment services across EuropeSultana, Ronald G.; Watts, Anthony G.
2010Career management skills (WP1)Sultana, Ronald G.
2018Career management skills for target groups : policy issues for EuropeSultana, Ronald G.
2018Enhancing the quality of career guidance in secondary schools : a handbookSultana, Ronald G.
2012Flexicurity : implications for lifelong career guidanceSultana, Ronald G.
2008From policy to practice : a systemic change to lifelong guidance in EuropeSultana, Ronald G.
2004Guidance policies in the knowledge society : trends, challenges and responses across EuropeSultana, Ronald G.
2010The involvement of the European Union in career guidance policy : a brief historyWatts, Anthony G.; Sultana, Ronald G.; McCarthy, John
2004L'orientation professionnelle : guide pratique pour les decideursSultana, Ronald G.; Watts, Tony
2008De la politique a la pratique : une evolution systemique vers l’orientation tout au long de la vie en EuropeSultana, Ronald G.
2007L’Europa e la sfida dell’orientamento professionale lungo tutto l’arco della vitaSultana, Ronald G.
2004Politiques d’orientation dans la societe de la connaissance : tendances, defis et reponses en EuropeSultana, Ronald G.
2012Quality matters : ensuring high standards in career guidance servicesSultana, Ronald G.
2003Review of career guidance policies in 11 acceding and candidate countriesSultana, Ronald G.
2017Social inclusion : a challenge for Europe’s career guidance professionalsSultana, Ronald G.
2013Strengthening guidance in turbulent times : rights and responsibilitiesSultana, Ronald G.