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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005An approach for the verification and validation of rotor aerodynamics codes based on free-wake vortex methodsSant, Tonio; Haans, Wouter; van Kuik, Gijs; van Bussel, Gerard
2014Assessment of the lifting line approximation for wind turbine blade modellingSant, Tonio; Campo, Vanessa del; Micallef, Daniel; Ferreira, Carlos Simao
2016Combining unsteady blade pressure measurements and a free-wake vortex model to investigate the cycle-to-cycle variations in wind turbine aerodynamic blade loads in yawElgammi, Moutaz; Sant, Tonio
2015Enhanced actuator line simulation of a wind turbine by including the conservative load at the blade tipHerraez, Ivan; Micallef, Daniel; van Kuik, Gijs; Peinke, Joachim
2006Estimating the unsteady angle of attack from blade pressure measurments on the NREL phase VI rotor in yaw using a free-wake vortex modelSant, Tonio; van Kuik, Gijs; van Bussel, Gerard
2015Estimation of loads on a horizontal axis wind turbine operating in yawed flow conditionsCampo, Vanessa Del; Ragni, Daniele; Micallef, Daniel; Diez, Francisco Javier
2016Experimental and numerical investigation of tip vortex generation and evolution on horizontal axis wind turbinesMicallef, Daniel; Sant, Tonio; van Bussel, Gerard; Ferreira, Carlos Simao
1976Fluidics and positioningGrima, Spiro (1976)
2014Investigating the aerodynamic performance of a model offshore floating wind turbineFarrugia, Russell; Sant, Tonio; Micallef, Daniel
2014On the tip vortex moving inboard before wake expansion drives it outboardvan Kuik, Gijs; Micallef, Daniel; Herraez, Ivan; Ragni, Daniele
2014The role of conservative forces in rotor aerodynamicsVan Kuik, G. A. M.; Micallef, Daniel; Herraez, Ivan; Van Zuijlen, A.H.; Ragni, Daniele
2016A study on the aerodynamics of a floating wind turbine rotorFarrugia, Russell; Sant, Tonio; Micallef, Daniel