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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012An analysis of wage and labour market flexibility in MaltaMuscat, Janica
1989An analysis of wage competitiveness in the Maltese export manufacturing sectorRapa, Joseph (1989)
2018Assessing sectoral price effect of wage increases in the Maltese economy via the Leontief price modelTheuma, Adrian
2021Assessing the impact of foreign workers on wages in MaltaAzzopardi, Jessica (2021)
2013The bonus element in the remuneration package of the Maltese public officers and its effectivenessSeychell, Mark (2013)
1979A case against an incomes policy for MaltaFalzon, John (1979)
1974Collective agreements as a determinant of wagesFarrugia, Joseph P. (1974)
2020Contribution of the financial services and gaming sectors on the wages of Maltese households : a SAM-based HEATheuma, Adrian
1986A contribution to income distribution analysis in MaltaDelia, E. P.
2020COVID-19 wage supplementEurofound; Luke, Fiorini
2019The declining labour share and its impact on Malta’s current account position : an error correction modelSacco, Clive
1996Determinants of career preferences among form four female studentsVella, Maria (1996)
2017The determinants of wage distribution in MaltaCurmi, Nadesh
1976Dispersion of pre-tax basic pay rates in MaltaDelia, E. P.
1988Economic and Social Studies (New Series) : volume 4Delia, E. P.; Scicluna, E. J.; Zammit, Edward L.
2014The effect of minimum wage on employment in MaltaVella, Melchior; Briguglio, Lino
2005An evaluation into the potential use of the quality of earnings concept as a tool in local investment decisionsFarrugia, Kevin (2005)
2003Evaluation of cost efficiency measures in secondary school education in MaltaBrincat, Duncan (2003)
2010An explanation of the impact of wages on lifestyles in the Maltese local context : a focus on employees in the manufacturing sector in MaltaDeguara, Jason (2010)
1986Factors affecting the size of Maltese labour forceInguanez, Carmel; Briguglio, Lino