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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Automatic user profiling for intelligent tourist trip personalisationAttard, Liam (2021)
2017Black-box SQL injection detection with seeded evolutionary fuzzingVassallo, Clyde
2015ButterflEye : supporting the development of accessible web applications for users with severe motor-impairmentChetcuti, Alastair
2017Constructing a web application for identification, detection and analysis of pattern based fraudMavrova, Aneliya Dicheva
2004CS AKTive space : building a semantic web applicationGlaser, Hugh; Alani, Harith; Chapman, Sam; Dingli, Alexiei; Gibbins, Nicholas; Harris, Stephen; Schraefel, M. C.; Shadbolt, Nigel
2013Facilitating the generation of QuickCheck models for web test automationScerri, Mark (2013)
2017Investigating search-based test generation for web applicationsSaliba, Malcolm
2003LocoWeb : local council web applicationAttard, Christopher (2003)
2015MacciumCatania, Samantha
2006Of web trust and policies : a suggested framework to enhance internet securityCaruana, Steven; Montebello, Matthew
2006An ontology of security threats to web applicationsCachia, Ernest; Micallef, Mark
2008ParkS : monitoring parking space availability in a multilevel car parkFlask, Riccardo M. (2008)
2014polyLarva plugin for PHPAttard, Jonathan (2014)
2019Responding to Ethereum web-application attacksSciberras, Franklyn Josef
2012Taking social networks to the next levelDingli, Alexiei; Seychell, Dylan; Scerri, Mark; Cutajar, Brendan; Galea, Kristian; Agius, Saviour; Cachia, Mark Anthony; Saliba, Justin; Cassar, Jeffrey; Tanti, Erica; Cassar, Sarah; Cini, Shirley; Koleva, Mariya
2015Techniques for facilitating offline cloud-based application usageAzzopardi, Gabriella
2016Towards offline usage of JavaScript web applicationsDegiorgio, Leon
2017Towards peer-to-peer caching techniques for web resourcesCassar, Rebecca Kai
2000A web-based information infrastructureMicallef, James (2000)
2013Web-based software tools for handling missing data in medical questionnairesFarrugia, Dylan (2013)