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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04Assessment for learning and for self-regulationLysaght, Zita
2014-09Better mental health and well-beingCachia, John M.
2020-04A close look at teachers ́ lives : caring for the well-being of elementary teachers in the USKaynak Elcan, Naime
2007The complexity of the living entity - a new paradigmPopescu, Constantin; Rosca, Ion; Lefter, Viorel; Costea, Carmen; Tasnadi, Alexandru; Badea, Liana; Stanciu, Miltiade
2016Connect : programs 1-17Bell, Albert
2016A cross country assessment of the determinants of wellbeing : a focus on islands and small statesCamilleri, Jessica
2017Dr fluffy : friend, foe or something more? : implications for animal-assisted therapy in the counselling settingGrasso, Antonella
2018Eat your way to a healthy lifeDi Giovanni, Giuseppe; Scerri, Christian; Schembri, Paulino
2014-04Enabling undergraduates to put in practice learning to support emotional well-being for children and young peopleTurner, Wendy
2013An examination of the relationship between authentic leadership and psychological well-being and the mediating role of meaningfulness at workCassar, Vincent; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2016Explaining differences in subjective well-being across 33 nations using multilevel models : universal personality, cultural relativity, and national incomeCheng, Cecilia; Cheung, Mike W.-L.; Montasem, Alex; Falzon, Ruth; International Network ofWell-Being Studies
2014-11From Pisa to Santander : a statement on children's growth and wellbeingCefai, Carmel; Clouder, Christopher; Antognazza, Davide; Boland, Neil; Cavioni, Valeria; Heys, Belinda; Madrazo, Claudia; Solborg, Claes
2015The Home Economics impact on male students and their families, focusing on nutrition and social well-beingBarbara, Roanna
2003Hypertensives' knowledge of their conditionCauchi, Ramona
2008-07It ain't what you do, it's the way you do it...the meanings which can be attributed to leisure : a review of the literatureFenech, Anne
2013The journey within : stories of how mental health professionals give meaning to their own sense of well-beingFarrugia, Ruth
2018-10Konnekt 2 : Programmes 1-17Bell, Albert
2007Lectures 8 : program 2 : food, environment and the good lifePhilosophy Society; Cooper, David
2013The lived experience of older adults engaging in social groupsSchembri, Ruth (2013)
2016-11Mainland Chinese primary and middle-school students’ social and emotional wellbeingAskell-Williams, Helen; Skrzypiec, Grace; Jin, Yan; Owens, Larry; Zhao, Xueqin; Du, Wenping; Cao, Fei; Xing, Lihong; Centre for Resilience & Socio-Emotional Health