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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Adjusting the human development index for economic vulnerability and resiliencePizzuto, Alexandra (2006)
2020Artists, audiences and wellbeing : an economic analysisBriguglio, Marie; Camilleri, Gilmour; Vella, Melchior
2020Attitudes and perceptions of the Maltese population (aged 30 - 45 years old) on local biodiversity and its effect on human health and well-beingGatt, Deborah (2020)
2019Baring it all : effects of pornography addiction on young people’s wellbeingCauchi, Christian
2017Beyond choices : trade-offs between residential care and family homeZammit Fiott, Nadienne
2019Diverse socioeconomic processes influencing health and wellbeing across generations in deprived neighbourhoods in MaltaSatariano, Bernadine
2017Does trust in government influence wellbeing in Malta?Vella, Stephanie
2021An econometric analysis of wellbeing in Malta : a focus on corruptionSpiteri, Kylie (2021)
2015The effect of the Maltese festa on well-being : an economic analysis, with a focus on youth participationBriguglio, Marie; Sultana, Ariana
2018The experience of social determinants of health within a Southern European Maltese cultureSatariano, Bernadine; Curtis, Sarah E.
2016Explaining differences in subjective well-being across 33 nations using multilevel models : universal personality, cultural relativity, and national incomeCheng, Cecilia; Cheung, Mike W.-L.; Montasem, Alex; Falzon, Ruth; International Network ofWell-Being Studies
2014Factors that determine the well-being of Maltese peopleSultana, Ariana
2020-12Fear of COVID-19 and its impact on Maltese university students’ wellbeing and substance useBonnici, Jamie; Clark, Marilyn; Azzopardi, Andrew
2015A finger on the pulse of happiness in an urbanised island contextBriguglio, Marie; University of Western Sydney
2020Heads of school matter : handling stress and mental wellbeingCiappara, Marisa (2020)
2017The impact of culture on wellbeingMifsud, Maria Christina
2020The impact of music on the wellbeing of older adultsFormosa, Sarah (2020)
2018The impacts of old age on life-satisfactionDimech, Satoya
2018The influence of physical activity on the well-being of older individuals : a qualitative studyAzzopardi, Ayrton
2020#InstaLife : attitudes of University students towards Instagram and its perceived effects on well-beingBarry, Laura (2020)