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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Advances in wind energy technology : COST Action TU1304 WINERCOST : 3rd International Training School, Naples, 23rd April-28th April 2017Baniotopoulos, Charalampos; Borri, Claudio; Blocken, Bert; Hassan, Hemida; Veljkovic, Milan; Morbiato, Tommaso; Borg, Ruben Paul; Hamza, Neveen; Efthymiou, Evangelos; Mandara, Alberto; Ricciardelli, Francesco; Avossa, Alberto Maria
2016CoCoNet: towards coast to coast networks of marine protected areas (from the shore to the high and deep sea), coupled with sea-based wind energy potentialEvans, Julian; Boero, Ferdinando; Foglini, Federica; Fraschetti, Simona; Goriup, Paul; Macpherson, Enrique; Planes, Serge; Soukissian, Takvor; The CoCoNet Consortium
2016Combining wind speed and energy demand prediction in the determination of energy storage capacity requirements of offshore wind farmsMifsud, Michael Denis; Sant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.
2013Control of a doubly fed induction machine in a wind energy conversion systemScicluna, Kris; Spiteri Staines, Cyril; Apap, Maurice
2013Dispersed generation enable loss reduction and voltage profile improvement in distribution network - case study, Gujarat, IndiaDavda, Akash T.; Azzopardi, Brian; Parekh, Bhupendra R.; Desai, Manhar D.
2021Floating offshore wind turbine aerodynamics : trends and future challengesMicallef, Daniel; Rezaeiha, Abdolrahim
2000Il-Huttafa : issue 36 : January-February 2000BirdLife Malta
2017Incremental current based MPPT for a PMSG micro wind turbine in a grid-connected DC microgridZammit, Daniel; Spiteri Staines, Cyril; Micallef, Alexander; Apap, Maurice; Licari, John
2014Integrating deep offshore wind with pumped hydro storage in a central Mediterranean archipelago’s electricity generation systemFarrugia, Robert N.; Sant, Tonio; Caruana, Cedric
2014Investigating the impact of wind turbine rotor up-scaling on the viability of floating wind farmsAquilina, Matteo (2014)
2015Load and motion analysis of a floating wind monitoring mast in deep seaMicallef, Marisa (2015)
2021Modelling the hydrostatic stability characteristics of a self-aligning floating offshore wind turbineScicluna, Diane; Sant, Tonio; De Marco Muscat-Fenech, Claire; Vernengo, Giuliano; Demirel, Yigit Kemal
2014Numerical modeling of stall delay and dynamic stall phenomena on floating wind turbine rotorsAgius, Sean (2014)
2023A preliminary analysis of the generation of hydrogen from a floating offshore wind systemPirotti, Oleksii; Scicluna, Diane; Farrugia, Robert N.; Sant, Tonio; Buhagiar, Daniel; Settino, Jessica
2019Renewable, sustainable & Eco-friendLy Agave Composites REpLACE)De Marco Muscat-Fenech, Claire
2021A review of floating offshore wind turbine technologiesScicluna, Diane; De Marco Muscat-Fenech, Claire; Sant, Tonio; Vernengo, Giuliano; Demirel, Yigit Kemal
2018Small wind turbine incremental current based MPPT with current control for grid-connected DC microgrid applicationZammit, Daniel; Spiteri Staines, Cyril; Micallef, Alexander; Apap, Maurice; Licari, John
2023Technical feasibility of an offshore semi-submersible platform integrating an adiabatic compressed air energy storage (A-CAES) systemVella, Peter; Sant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.
2023Using machine learning techniques for the sizing energy storage systems coupled to offshore windfarmsMifsud, Michael D.; Sant, Tonio; Farrugia, Robert N.
2021A versatile Floating Offshore Wind Turbine platform concept for Central Mediterranean Conditions (MedFOWT)Sant, Tonio; De Marco Muscat-Fenech, Claire; Scicluna, Diane