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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Abortion : breaking the barriers of patriarchyVella, Mary Grace
2017Abortion in Malta : reviewing the legal stance from a pro-choice perspectiveAttard, Desiree
2020Abortion law and policy in Malta, Northern Ireland and PolandCutajar, Jasmine Maria
2021Civil society and the public sphere in Malta : a sociological analysis of women's organisationsBorg, Maria C. (2021)
2012Current situation of female genital mutilation in MaltaEuropean Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)
2015Development of human rights in Malta with a particular focus on genderLaiviera, Renee (2015)
2020The European Union and women’s rights in MaltaBonello, Bernice Theresa
2016Gender equality in Malta : study of gender equality within the employment sector in Malta from 1994-2014Grímsdóttir, Snæfríður
1975Giving a fair chance to the Maltese womanBurgess, Lucia
2006Il-mara fir-rumanz ta' Oliver FriggieriFarrugia, Lorraine (2006)
2020Induced abortion : a fundamental human right?Attard, Joanne Marie (2020)
2001The influence of religion on women's rights within legislation : a comparative study on Christianity in Malta and Judaism in IsraelEinav, Hajjaj Bridgit (2001)
1976Is-soċjalizmu : ġabra ta' kitbietBriguglio, Lino
2005Kummissjoni nazzjonali għall-promozzjoni ta’ l-ugwaljanza għall-irġiel u n-nisa : rapport annwali 2004National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
1995Kwalita`, faqar, assunzjonijietMiceli, Pauline
2017Life-saving abortion : does a woman have a right to save her life?Borg, Luana
2005Living double lives : mobility, integration and adaptation among Sindhi women living in MaltaGeorge, Madeline (2005)
2003MaltaCutajar, JosAnn
2021Reducing the gender inequality gap : analysing Malta’s policies and regulatory framework (1990-2021)Cassar, Maria Francesca (2021)
2014Review of the implementation of the Beijing platform for action in the EU member states : advancing gender equality in decision-making in media organisations : MaltaEuropean Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)