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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Adapting an OHS management system to ISO 45001 requirements : ensuring system management effectivenessDzięgielewska, Paulina; Konarkowska, Olga; Górny, Adam
2015Adaptive interfaces for mobiles within the workplace environmentCassar, Jurgen
2015Adaptive interfaces for mobiles within the workplace environmentCassar, Jurgen
2021Book review : New workplaces – location patterns, urban effects and development trajectories. A worldwide investigationDi Marino, Mina; Bajada, Therese
2017Civil liability arising from industrial accidents and occupational diseases with particular reference to asbestos exposureMercieca, Melhino
2022-07A conceptual framework for the factors influencing the accounting students’ career choice as public accountantsJoshi, Prem Lal
2021Creativity in the corporate suiteMizzi, David
2010DIsaster REsponse Control uniT for external eventsVassallo, Ryan (2010)
2022Does Gen Z question the wisdom of returning to the office? Results of the research conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic on the youngest generation of employeesChomątowska, Barbara; Janiak-Rejno, Iwona
2020The effect of ethical leadership and leadership effectiveness on employee’s turnover intention in SMEs : the mediating role of work engagementTheriou, Georgios; Chatzoudes, Dimitrios; Diaz Moya, Cesar Augusto
2006The emerging American workplace and the skills needed by young people for successful future employabilityKonrath, Kathryn (2006)
2009Emotional intelligence and transformational leadershipKenely, Natalie
2013Emotional intelligence and transformational leadershipKenely, Natalie
2002Engine versus Hull : a study of trade stratification at Malta DrydocksGatt, Elaine (2002)
2020Environmental workplace behaviors - it takes two to tangoSzeliga-Duchnowska, Anna; Szewczyk, Mirosława
2022Exploring the links between ethical leadership, creativity and the work environment in hospital wardsMangion, Margaret; Scicluna, Katrina
2014Extremely low frequency magnetic fields in the work environmentGauci, Giuseppe (2014)
2021Finding your edgeKenely, Natalie
2021From education and training to the workplace : gaps and challenges in aviationGauci, Jason; De Carlo, John; Golfetti, Alessia; Tomasello, Paola; Napoletano, Linda; Turhan, Ugur; Uslu, Suat; Yoruk, Birsen; Gungoren, Musa; Gomes-Mota, Joao; Matton, Nadine; Romano, Elpidio; Feletig, Sabrina; Geraldes, Daniela; Manaia, Filipa; Macedo, Maria; Ribeiro, Ana; Drogoul, Fabrice
2008Healthy and safe living and working environment : drafting and interpretation of laws in an international perspectiveGrima, Danielle