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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Career progression and work-life balance of nurses and midwives working on reduced hours in hospital.Pace, Ruth
2015Career trends in selected large organisations for women accountants : a studyCamilleri, Dawn
2012The changing role of Maltese females in the working world : a study of the factors contributing to the career progression of selected female workersCachia, John (2012)
2012Discrimination in employment connected with maternityBonnici, Maria Anthea
2021-07Do people in top management positions benefit from a work‑life balance? When does work‑life stops and private life begin? Is it possible to combine work‑life with social life without one dominating the other?Falzon, Joann
2013The effect of caring work with children in care on female care workers' lifeGrixti, Theresa (2013)
2015Equal roles, equal responsibilities in childcare?Aquilina, Joanne
2012The experience of health care staff at NPICU and its impact on other areas of their lifePace, Suzanne
2012Exploring work-life balance in petroleum surveying : a qualitative approachSchembri, Franco
2023The feminisation of criminal justice : towards a demasculated justiceVella, Mary Grace
2016Gender differences in attitudes towards the interconnection of family life and workGialanze’, Elaine
2016Gender differences in attitudes towards the interconnection of family life and workGialanze, Elaine; De Giovanni, Katya
2015The impact of childcare on a parent’s careerSchembri, Alexia Sue
2015The impact of flexible work arrangements on the outcome of individual performanceButtigieg, Michael
2009Impact of HRM on work life balance : hotel industry scenariosCutajar, Phyllis
2015The impact of the working time directive on Malta : the legal framework and the policy making processCardona, Doreen
2007Implementing legislative measures and remedies to enhance a suitable balance between work and family lifeGalea, Krystle
2023The importance of work life balance for contemporary management and public policiesMarzec, Małgorzata; Szczudlińska-Kanoś, Agnieszka
2015Investigating the need for an EAP : a case studyCampbell, Dorianne
2012An investigation into the key determinants of work-life balance at managerial level in the information technology industry : a case studySultana, Monica