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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009ConclusionsMalone, Caroline; Stoddart, Simon
1999The Gozo stone circle re-discoveredAttard Tabone, Joseph
2020Hiatus or continuity in prehistoric Malta? from Early Neolithic to Temple PeriodBonanno, Anthony
2009The human and animal remainsStoddart, Simon; Barber, Geraldine; Duhig, Corinne; Mann, George; O'Connell, Tamsin; Lai, Luca; Redhouse, David; Tykot, Robert H.; Malone, Caroline
1986An illustrated guide to prehistoric GozoBonanno, Anthony
2009Methods applied in the analysis of the circleMalone, Caroline; Mason, Simon; Stoddart, Simon; Kermorvant, Alain; Martinez-Cruz, Begofia; Prat-Hurtado, Fulgencio; Redhouse, David; Stove, Colin; Trump, David H.
1995The prehistory of GozoBonanno, Anthony
2009Spatial and stratigraphic analysis of Tarxien Cemetery levelsCutajar, Nathaniel; Grima, Reuben; Pace, Anthony; Stoddart, Simon; Hardisty, Holly
1991Tarxien and the Xaghra circle : their place in Mediterranean proto-historyBonanno, Anthony
2009The Tarxien phase levels : spatial and stratigraphic analysis and reconstructionStoddart, Simon; Malone, Caroline; Mason, Simon; Trump, Bridget; Trump, David H.
2018Unlocking the past through the present : exploring the use of present-day land snail assemblages as indicators of past environments in the Maltese IslandsSchembri, Patrick J.; Fenech, Katrin; Terribile, Kimberly
2009Zebbug phase levels : spatial and stratigraphic analysisMalone, Caroline; Stoddart, Simon; Trump, David H.; Duhig, Corinne