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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001'E' for ecstasy : a social study about ecstasy abuse in MaltaParnis, David (2001)
1910-12-04E' Nato il Messia (Theater script)Salesian Theatre (Sliema, Malta); La Filo S. Giovanni Bosco
2019E-bank services : analyzing the effect of e-bank service on e-trust with e-security approachEsfahani, Mahdi Nasr
2019E-commerce based information retrieval and personalised searchCamilleri, Anne-Marie (2019)
2007An e-Commerce framework for wearable devicesMicallef, Nicholas; Montebello, Matthew
2020E-commerce purchasing behaviour and the level of consumers‘ income in Poland and Great BritainSzalonka, Katarzyna; Sadowa, Agnieszka; Wicka, Aleksandra; Wicki, Ludwik
2021-05-21E-commerce websites, consumer order fulfillment and after-sales service satisfaction : the customer is always right, even after the shopping cart check-out!Camilleri, Mark Anthony
2003E-heritage : the future for integrated applications in cultural heritageRivenc, R.; Cannataci, Joseph A.; Borg, Claude E.; Guidi, Gabriele; Zammit, N. P.; Beraldin, G. A.
2016e-ID : security, privacy, interoperability and usability issues in MaltaMarlow, Neil
2008e-Infrastructures across the MediterraneanAndronico, Giuseppe; Barbera, Roberto; Bruno, Riccardo; Cavalli, Valentino; Durnford, Laura; Jaume-Rajaonia, Sabine; Jemni, Mohammed; Koumantaros, Kostas; La Rocca, Giuseppe; Liabotis, Ioannis; Nassar, Salwa; Reale, Mario; Ruggieri, Federico; Suleiman, Maher; Tanlongo, Federica; Torman, Yousef; Vella, Kevin; West, David; Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association
2015E-leadership : an analysis of management requirements and competencies for the digital eraCassar, Gilbert
2011E-learning : suggestions for enriching Geography teaching and learning experienceGafá, Paul; Sultana, Philip
2018e-Learning for older workers in SMEs? : the perceptions of owners and workers in Maltese microenterprisesVancell, Joseph
2017E-learning paradigms : a model to address known issuesMontebello, Matthew
2016E-literatureCallus, Ivan; Aquilina, Mario
2019E-mail from a tourist in 2030Ebejer, John
2014E-marketing strategies exploiting social media for Islamic bankingRoumieh, Ahmad; Garg, Lalit
2012E-money and other relevant technological developments : their contribution to the risk of money laundering and their impact on the regulatory regimeBuhagiar, Katrina
2017The e-notary : a study of the progress of electronic notarisation and registration in EuropeBorg, Chantelle
2015E-sports as a niche tourist attraction : an international exploratory studyAgius, Matthew