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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012H is for humanBriffa, Vince
2017H'Attard fi zmien it-tieni gwerra dinjija 1939-1943Mallia, Carmel
2010H'Attard: mnejn tnissel l-isem tar-rahalBovingdon, Roderick
1979H. G. Wells : the novels : 1900-11Mallia, George (1979)
1988H. J. Franken's method of ceramic typology : an appreciationFrendo, Anthony J.
2000H. Scerri, Koinonia, Diakonia and Martyria ; interrelated themes in patristic sacramental theology as expounded by Adalbert G. HammanScerri, Hector
2013An H.264/AVC and H.264/MVC extension for depth map compressionHili, Maverick (2013)
2005H.E. online : a website for secondary level home economicsAttard, Margaret; Schembri, Daniela
1968H.G. Wells : the scientific romancesCamilleri, Anthony (1968)
2004H.M Naval dockyard, Malta : society, work and industrial relations in a British naval base 1900-1939Ellul, Mario (2004)
2010H.M. Dockyard : economic, social and demographic aspects : 1840-1875Cachia, Mark (2010)
1998H.M.S. Melita : the only British warship built in MaltaBishop, Moira
1983H.M.S. St. Angelo - last British strongholdGalea, Joe
1981H.T. and L.T. switchgear in power distribution systemsVella, Donald (1981)
2010The H1N1 post-mortemMelillo Fenech, Tanya
2011H1N1 vaccines in a large observational cohort of patients with inflammatory bowel disease treated with immunomodulators and biological therapyRahier, Jean-François; Papay, Pavol; Salleron, Julia; Sebastian, Shaji; Marzo, Manuela; Peyrin-Biroulet, Laurent; Garcia-Sanchez, Valle; Fries, Walter; Asseldonk, Dirk P. van; Farkas, Klaudia; Boer, Nanne K. de; Sipponen, Taina; Ellul, Pierre; Louis, Édouard; Peake, Simon T. C.; Kopylov, Uri; Maul, Jochen; Makhoul, Badira; Fiorino, Gionata; Yazdanpanah, Yazdan; Chaparro, Maria
2009Habeas corpus : a historico-legal surveyDalli, Francois
1953-12-31Habib falz (Theater script)Salesian Theatre (Sliema, Malta); Gauci, Clo.
1998Habitat characteristics and fauna of Posidonia oceanica meadows in the Maltese IslandsBorg, Joseph A.
2003Habitat characterization of Posidonia oceanica leaf litter StocksDimech, Mark (2003)