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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-12V.I.P. treatment, election celebrations and appointment ceremonials in early 18th century GozoVella, Godwin
2014V.S. Naipaul : no place to call homePsaila, Frank
2017Vacant dwellings : tax related issues in MaltaSpiteri, Isabelle
2020Vaccination : quo vadis?Ellul, Ian C.
2010Vaccines : why your child should get themAdvisory Committee on Immunisation Policy Regulations
1991'Vaganzi tas-sajf' ta' Francis EbejerMintoff, Patricia (1991)
2008Vaginal bleeding in the first trimesterCalleja-Agius, Jean
2014The VAGUS insight into psychosis scale-self-report and clinician-rated versionsGerretsen, Philip; Remington, Gary; Borlido, Carol; Quilty, Lena; Hassan, Sabrina; Polsinelli, Gina; Teo, Celine; Mar, Wanna; Simon, Regina; Menon, Mahesh; Pothier, David D.; Nakajima, Shinichiro; Caravaggio, Fernando; Mamo, David; Rajji, Tarek K.; Mulsant, Benoit H.; Deluca, Vincenzo; Ganguli, Rohan; Pollock, Bruce G.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel
2007-05-11Vain reasonings (Theater program)Beckett, Samuel; Fenech, Michael
1962-12-08Vakanzi tas-sajfMaleth; Manoel Theatre Committee; Ebejer, Francis
1972-10-27Vakanzi tas-SajfEbejer, Francis
1962-12-08Vakanzi tas-SajfEbejer, Francis
2014Vale Jiří Rondiak : 1934 – 2013Farrugia, Albert
2007Vale of tears : an analysis of Piri Reis’ maps and descriptions of Malta and their relevance to the early history of hospitaller MaltaMercieca, Simon
2011Valentin V. Barbara (1920-2005)Manicaro, Jesmond
2001-04Valentine day. Scottish 1/2 road tax marks. Land's end cachetsBonnici, Alfred
2017Valetta 2018 : medical heritageSavona-Ventura, Charles
1999-12Valid environmental education : an issue of perceptionsPace, Paul J.
2010Validating BEM, direct and inverse free wake models with the MEXICO experimentMicallef, Daniel; Kloosterman, Menno; Simao Ferreira, Carlos; Sant, Tonio; van Bussel, Gerard
2011Validating generic metrics of fairness in game-based resource allocation scenarios with crowdsourced annotationsGrappiolo, Corrado; Martinez, Hector P.; Yannakakis, Georgios N.