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  • Refalo, Paul; Abela, Stephen; Ghirlando, Robert (2013-09)
    A solar distillation unit comprising an evaporation chamber, a condenser, and a cooler adapted to externally cool the condenser.
  • Zammit-Mangion, David; Sammut, Andrew; Zammit, Brian (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 2010-01-07)
    A method and system for resolving existing and potential traffic conflicts that may occur during take-off and landing in aviation that includes means of monitoring movements on the runway, its approaches and environs to ...
  • McCallum, Kirk D.; Brock, Alexander W.; Banan, Mohsen; Falster, Robert J.; Holzer, Joseph C.; Johnson, Bayard K.; Bum Kim, Chang; Kimbel, Steven L.; Lu, Zheng; Metti, Paolo; Voronkov, Vladimir V.; Mule Stagno, Luciano; Libbert, Jeffrey L. (Patent Application Publication, 2003)
    The present invention relates to a process for growing a single crystal silicon ingot, which contains an axially symmetric region having a predominant intrinsic point defect and which is substantially free of agglomerated ...
  • Grima, Joseph N.; Casha, Aaron; Gatt, Ruben (2011)
    Various stents comprising cells having substantially zero Poisson's ratio are disclosed. According to a disclosed embodiment, there is provided a stent, comprising: a tubular frame formed from a non-woven network of open ...