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Title: Dealing with natural disasters : risk society and ASEAN : a new approach to disaster management
Authors: Pennisi di Floristella, Angela Maria
Keywords: Natural disasters -- Risk management -- Southeast Asia
Disaster relief -- Southeast Asia
Emergency management -- Southeast Asia
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Routledge
Citation: Pennisi di Floristella, A. (2016). Dealing with natural disasters: risk society and ASEAN: a new approach to disaster management. The Pacific Review, 29(2), 283-305.
Abstract: Over the past two decades, natural disasters have severely hit the Southeast Asian region causing dramatic environmental, economic and social consequences. Through the lens of Beck’s risk society framework and the theory of reflexive modernization, this article attempts at empirically taking stock of how the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is addressing disaster risk through the creation of new regional institutions and mechanisms. In particular, it argues that the accumulation of the experience of catastrophes is leading ASEAN members towards the development of new precautionary initiatives to deal with disasters, and to forge a new way forward for the promotion of disaster cooperation and joint emergency response. The article is divided into five sections, which will only consider initiatives endorsed within the ASEAN framework. The first introduces risk societies as forms of modern societies and of the insecurities of the present world. In the second section attention is drawn to natural disasters as a paradigmatic example of Beck’s risk society. The third section explores how ASEAN normative governance is evolving to include the issue of disaster management within its security and social agenda. Then the main institutional and operational innovations and tools through which ASEAN is preparing to deal with disaster risk are explored. Finally, the article suggests that despite ASEAN overall institutional innovations, the practice of cooperation still is effected by several factors, above all the lack of adequate resources and the difficulty of reconciling principles of solidarity with national sovereignty, which hinder ASEAN effectiveness in this area.
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