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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An enquiry into primary student teachers' confidence, feelings and attitudes towards teaching arts and crafts in Finland and Malta during initial teacher trainingGatt, Isabelle; Karppinen, Seija
2021-12Not safe for work (NSFW) : persons living with HIV : a study of a socially engaged theatre work-in-progressGatt, Isabelle; Raykov, Milosh; Vella, Raphael
2022Of valets or clowns? The adaptation process of Molière’s Don Juan for young peopleGatt, Isabelle
2022Combatting ageism through participation in a theatre-making process and performanceGatt, Isabelle
2010Milani, Freire u Boal - it-teatru u l-litteriżmu kritikuGatt, Isabelle
2021A politics of care and responsibility : art and education for sustainable developmentCaruana, Censu; Gatt, Isabelle; Vella, Raphael; Zammit, Charmaine
2021Deliverable 2.1 : data set of case studies in the arts 2008-2020Kárpáti, Andrea; Somogyi-Rohonczy, Zsófia; Veszelszky, Ágnes; Deli, Eszter; Fulkova, Marie; Novotná, Magdalena; Remotti, Silvia; Gutierrez Novoa, Carolina; Vella, Raphael; Pule, Margerita; Gatt, Isabelle; Celeste, Aidan; Saldanha, Angela; Eça, Teresa; Balsa, Raquel; Tang, Tang; Wilson, Paul; Huhmarniemi, Maria; Hiltunen, Mirja; Sarantou, Melanie; Miettinen, Satu
2021Creating the play space : human encounters explored through theater processesGatt, Isabelle
2008Promoting science through the performing artsGatt, Suzanne; Gatt, Isabelle
2022Arts pedagogies for education for sustainable development (ESD)Gatt, Isabelle